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Stella and Brad discover INFOCOMICS.

Hey! Check this out!
What is it?
It's INFOCOMICS! A computerized comic book!

A comic book! Then why the computer?
'Cause INFOCOMICS let you switch viewpoints, leaving one character behind to follow another through his part of the story! And the pictures move! Take a look!

This one's hilarious! It's a spoof of 1930's space operas!!
Wow! Let's see the next page!
It turns automatically, or you can jump forward or back by using the arrow keys, if you want to stop altogether, just hit the space bar!

That's easy! But why's the page turned down like that?
It's letting you know you can leave lane and follow the Blubberman now. All you have to do is hit the return key!

That's it? Let me try!
Me too! I can't wait to see what happens next!
Okay! We can watch it together!

INFOCOMICS are great!
Yeah! I'm going to collect them all!

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