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You became a flying leatherneck in an F-4. Moved on to Fighter Weapons School and learned to execute a split-S, yo-yo, and an Immelmann with the best. Then the Corps chose the AV8B, the Harrier Jump-Jet, as its primary multi-role tactical fighter. It's a proven aircraft, with a range of 2030 miles, a top speed of Mach 1.3, the ability to take off and land vertically, and an awesome assortment of armament. Harriers helped the British win the Falklands War. You hovered yours over Grenada in '84.
But now is no time to look back unless it's to scan for bogies. This is the real thing. You're flying this mission solo into territory that's as hostile as it gets. The target: the desert command post of the enemy with its key oil reserves. They've got crack pilots, battalions of tanks, and 350 SAMS.
You've got yourself and the Harrier.
- V/STOL (Vertical Short Take-Off and Landing) and VIFF (Vector in Forward Flight) options
- Heat-seeking missiles, 30mm cannon, advanced friend-or-foe recognition radar, chaff, flares, HUD display: complete weapons and avionics systems for victory
- Top speeds in excess of Mach 1
- Multiple combat levels
- A chance to fly the world's only combat-proven V/STOL fighter in this simulation designed in conjunction with British Aerospace, the designers of the real Harrier.

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