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Guide and Walkthrough by japanaman2

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/28/2009

White Viper FAQ
Version 1.0

Last updated 04/28/2009 at 2:43 A.M.

Written By Trawn Garton


---Table of contents---------------
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00.)---Version history---[VERSION]



03.)---Part 01.) The forest.---[FOREST]

04.)---Part 02.) Capture your steed.--- [HORSE]

05.)---Part 03.) The islands.---[ISLANDS]

06.)---Part 04.) Feeding time.---[FEED]

07.)---Part 05.) The rescue.---[RESCUE]

08.)---Frequently Asked Questions---[FAQ's]

09.)---Special Thanks---[THANKS]

10.)---Legal Stuff---[LEGAL]

00.)---Version history---[VERSION]

Version 1.0 - 1st release.


We took over the board for this game.
So it is only fair that this game be give its own guide so here it is.
This is not a joke guide.
Some of the info in this guide was taken from the 
Documents to White Viper
by Andromeda software!
So big thanks go out to them. And all of the hard work that they did
on helping me understand what was going on in the game.


The story of White Viper.

White Viper is a story of true love and bravery - in five parts.

You are the hero - a gallant knight from a noble family and
betrothed to the beautiful princess.
Your family coat of arms features a large white snake, and because
of this you are known as the white viper.

One day when the princess was out walking you saw her attacked by
an evil spirit, sent by a wicked Wizard.

In vain you try to protect her, but the spirit whisked her away, along
with your armor.

But all is not lost, you find a wild horse you catch and tame.
On it you gallop off to rescue her.

But the quest is long - First you must reach the castle of the
Wizard, recovering your armor along the way.
If you make it that far you will have to encounter the Wizard in
person, but if you can defeat him you will be crowned king
and take the hand of the princess.

Playing the game

03.)---Part 01.) The forest.---[FOREST]

The princess is out walking with you.
Suddenly an evil black spirit materializes out of the woods and
tries to kidnap her.

You must stay close to your true love, and destroy the evil spirit with
your sword. But when you've killed one another will take its place.

Use the joystick to move about, and the Fire button to
wield your sword.

You start with 2 lives and for every spirit you kill you gain an
extra life.

But once you reach seven lives the spirit will take off with your
girlfriend no matter what.
And one of its mates will take off with your armor and sword. 

04.)---Part 02.) Capture your steed.--- [HORSE]

Some luck is still on your side you see a grand white horse running
wild, and you decide to capture it.

But you will never capture it because it runs away from you in fear,
unless you can fence it in and corner it.

Luckily there are pieces of fencing lying around
(at the bottom of the screen).

Move to the bottom of the screen and press the Fire button to pick
up a piece. Take it to where you want to put it, and press the
fire button again to put it down, and again if you need to pick it
back up.

The trouble is that the evil spirits will sneak out of the woods and
try to pinch your pieces.

But they can only take them while you are holding them.

So the best defense is to put your pieces down and pick them back up
when the spirits have gone away.

Once you have erected enough fencing try to corner the horse.

If you get it cornered and get close to it press the Fire button to
leap on to it's back.

Ready for the next part...

05.)---Part 03.) The islands.---[ISLANDS]

The only way across the enchanted marsh is to jump from island
to island.

As you go you must collect all of the bits of your armor that are
lying on certain islands.

If you land on one of these islands while your armor is flashing then
you can pick it up.

If not then you'll have to search of another piece of your armor and
come back later.

Unfortunately there is a swamp fairy who may come along and whisk
you back to where you came from.

And you'll have to start all over again.

If you fall into the water you loose a life.

Use the joystick to point in the direction, and press the Fire button
to jump.

Holding down the fire button longer will let you jump further.
(With limits of course.)

06.)---Part 04.) Feeding time.---[FEED]

If you managed to collect all of the pieces of your armor,
then you will be safely transported to the other side of the marsh near
the castle of the Wizard.

But your horse is hungry after all of that jumping about so you
must feed it.

Fortunately, there are clumps of succulent brown grass growing
around and about.

Guide your horse up to each one and press Fire to eat.

He must eat all 30 clumps.

But the whole time you are feeding your horse you are being fired
upon from the castle.

So you had better dodge those cannon balls.

If you manage to survive all of this, and after your trusty steed has
eaten all 30 clumps of food, then You will be able to jump again.
(but only to the right.)

Jump into the castle drawbridge to enter the castle.

07.)---Part 05.) The rescue.---[RESCUE]

You find yourself inside the castle in a hallway with ten doors leading
off to ten separate rooms.

You must try each door to try and find the princess.

But if the princess is not behind the door you chose you will
encounter the Wizard himself, or one of his monsters.

You must kill the wizard or one of his monsters with your sword,
before they have a chance to cast an evil spell on you.

If you can not kill the Wizard or monster in time an evil spell will
be cast on you, causing you to lose a life.
If you still have lives remaining you can return to the hallway
and try another door.

You open a door by steeping on it's threshold and press
Fire to swing your sword.

If you eventually succeed in finding the princess you will marry her,
and be crowned king.

08.)---Frequently Asked Questions---[FAQ's]

Question #01.) When I get to the 5th part the castle
I only have X number of lives left is there any way to increase
the number of lives I can get?

Answer #01.) As stated in part 1, You can get up to 7 lives right
from the start of the game, by just killing off the spirits that come
out of the woods and try to take the princess away.
So make sure you take advantage of this because it really helps
later on in part 5 where almost every door you open is the
wrong one.

Question #02.) How do I go about actuality trapping the horse?

Answer #02.) Well there are 2 easy ways to go about doing this.

1st one is to use the wall on the side of the screen to your
advantage just starting building solid walls of fence about 6 rows
out in a square like fashion. then just let the horse trap it's self by
switching sides of the screen (it may help if you have a few pieces
inside your box to really trap it.) after it is trapped with you outside
of your box pick up a piece of fence and go get you horse.

The 2nd way is to build a pair of guard rails with one open end
for the horse to enter and one closed end so it can not escape
wait for the horse to hit the enclosure you made pick up a piece of
fence and lock your self in with the horse run up and grab it.

Question #03.) Why cant I move after dying from falling in the water,
getting pushed back from swamp fairy, the cannon balls,
after getting killed by the Wizard, or his monsters?

Answer #03.) You have to press the fire button once after dying
to begin playing again.
Question #04.) I keep dying on the cannon ball level what am I
doing wrong?

Answer #04.) You have to go for the grass closes to the castle
the very top and bottom of the screen 1st.

Do not worry about eating the easy to get stuff in the middle you
can come back after you have gotten this out of the way.
The grass is randomly generated every time you die so this is the
best advice I can give.

Because if you are going to die you might
as well die going for the hard to get stuff.
If the cannon balls are firing and you are further away you
have more time to react.
So go for the hard stuff 1st and get it out of the way.
Otherwise you are just wasting time.

Question #05.) Is there any guarantee that I will always find
the princess in the same door?

Answer #05.) No this is also chosen at random.

Question #06.) I am the King. Now what?

Answer #06.) Press the Fire button and play again. Go for the
high score. That is what you are suppose to try to do with these
old games.

09.)---Special Thanks---[THANKS]

Creative Sparks - For making this game.

Andromeda software! - For their work on the documentation of the
game. Without it I most likely would have been stuck just playing
with my horse forever.

Gamefaqs.com - For hosting this FAQ.

Neoseeker.com - For hosting this FAQ.

Supercheats.com - For hosting this FAQ.

gamesradar.com - For hosting this FAQ.

cheatplanet.com - For hosting this FAQ.

gamerlimit.com - For hosting this FAQ.

10.)---Legal Stuff---[LEGAL]

The preceding. 

White Viper FAQ. 
Version 1.0

Written By Trawn Garton


Is copyright 2009 By Trawn Garton.

Feel free to do as you wish with it.
So long as you abide by the following.

1.) Do not sell it for any monetary value. This guide is provided free
from all fees and charges from myself and other fans of this game.

2.) Do not modify any of the info expressed within this guide.
For your own personal gain.

3.) If you are going to use this guide in anyway on another site. You
must include The Special Thanks contributors section of this guide
and also give credit to the author. It is only fair.


End of Document.

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