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It's the next best thing to being there.
These seven events, modeled after the official competition, put you right there in the Canadian Rockies competing against the fastest and strongest athletes in the world.
Going for the gold takes endurance...
The easy part ends after the colorful opening ceremonies. After that you'll sweat icicles in the cross-country competition. Slice through ice in the oval-track speed skating event. And with burning muscles, you'll make a self-styled figure skating routine look easy.
...and daring.
You'll cruise the luge at 95mph with only a fiberglass board and some razor sharp blades between you and a rock-hard chute of ice. To get downhill to the gold you'll have to ski over 70 mph--without hitting any flags. And you'll taste the Canadian stratosphere as you freefall down a 90 meter ski jump, ride the wind and touch down on white concrete. Do it better and faster than anyone else and you've got the gold!
- Make history in seven amazing events: Downhill Skiing, Slalom, Luge, Figure Skating, Ski Jump, Cross-Country Skiing and Oval-Track Speed Skating.
- Unique camera-angle views capture your performance. And in the downhill event you can set up cameras all over the course!
- Opening, closing and awards ceremonies take place in the Canadian Rockies depicting actual pageantry.
- Up to eight can play at once, each competing for the country of their choice.

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