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The Gates of Apshai loom before you. Many adventurers have stood here and pondered their fate. Will you plunder the grand treasures of the Apshai priests? And live to learn the secret of the Sphinx? Did the wily Innkeeper wheedle his profit from your meager purse? Or do you go forth equipped with the finest swords and armor leaving him muttering oaths and swearing you stole the food from the mouths of his babies?
Once inside the Temple you know why the Legends of Apshai speak of Magic. You will need more than a character of strength and intelligence and the keen nose of intuition to overcome the evil and power of the Curse of Ra. The monsters roam about--Zombies, Ghouls and the terrifying minions of Apshai the Insect God. Giant mosquitos, wasps, ants and beetles suddenly attack, biting and clawing. This my friend is adventure--classic adventure from the DunjonMasters at Epyx. Welcome to the Temple of Apshai Trilogy...you're just in time for lunch!
- The Complete Temple of Apshai Trilogy: Temple of Apshai, The Upper Reaches of Apshai and The Curse of Ra.
- 12 Levels, 568 Rooms with 37 Terrifying Monsters!
- New Graphics, Enhanced Sounds, Faster Play!
- Classic Cast of Characters--The Innkeeper, The Dwarf, The Magic User and The Cleric and more!
- One Player

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