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The Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles are out to rescue lovely April O'Neil, who's been captured by Shredder - a maniac more menacing than an army of mind-altered Bruce Lees. But if they're to succeed, you must command the role of each turtle, rumbling through 6 New York territories patrolled by Ninjitsu Warriors, blood descendants of the deadly Foot Clan. Along the way you'll encounter Mouser infested sewers, criminally polluted rivers, and villainous streets run by the terrorist team of Rocksteady and Bebop. So grab your nunchukus and prepare to put yourself in someone else's shell. Because in this to-the-death adventure, you'll control every leap, chop, slice and dice, until you knock heads with Shredder and either splatter him senseless or get yourself turned into turtle soup.

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