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You used to be the hottest pilot in the galactic fleet, but now you make your living zipping through the crazy intricacies of a twenty-third century city. You're learning that one short hop in this job can pack more challenge into your piloting skills than all the missions you flew with the fleet put together. And the money can be good, too, especially if your passengers think you're fast and smooth and deserve a tip.
The Features
Space Taxi presents exciting full-color graphics, sound effects you can believe, music that celebrates your success, and passengers with voices that actually talk to you. Plus controls so precise your skill with the joystick will be sharpened to a finer edge than you ever thought possible. All on an amazing array of twenty-four screens.
The Surprise
Get good enough and you'll fly through an additional mystery screen that combines the best of arcade action and fantasy adventure.
Here's your license! Your Passenger is waiting!

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#147 hardest C64 action game (#235 on C64, #4586 overall)


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