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Imagine seeing G.I. JOE come to life on your computer screen, fighting COBRA on battlefields all over the world...and you in control of their every move. Imagine acting out "real" battles with sound effects and explosions. Imagine tracking down and destroying fully-animated COBRA enemy tanks in true-to-life action settings. Now you can do it all.
It's easy because G.I. JOE is now a Computer Activity Toy. Epyx gives you new ways to play and choices you've never had before. Start your mission by checking the computerized World Hot-Spot Map for areas of COBRA activity. Then pick the area that needs your help, and select the G.I. JOE who's best suited for the mission. The heat-loving jungle trooper Recondo is your best choice for battling Destro in the Amazon, but Wild Bill with his Assault Copter Dragonfly is your best bet if you're headed for the bush country. In all there are sixteen G.I. JOEs to choose from, including the popular Duke and Stalker. No matter who you choose, you better dodge the enemy fire, pinpoint COBRA headquarters, then take aim and fire. This is your chance to become a Real American Hero, right on your own computer screen.
- Select From 16 G.I. JOE Characters.
- 12 Different Battle Situations.
- Confront Eight Different COBRA Agents in Various Challenges.
- Choose Your Mission From Trouble Spots All Over the World.
- Play Against an Opponent or As a Team.
- Joystick Controlled.
- One or Two Players.

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