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You're a Kung Fu master. You've defeated the greatest karatekas of all. You've become karate champion of the world. Your Ninja exploits are world renowned. Now for a real challenge!
Enter the world of FIST: The Legend Continues. A world so dangerous that the temple training grounds alone are tougher than anything you've faced before. You'll encounter a sprawling, hostile world of dark swamps and forests, evil mountains and caverns, and vicious enemies... if you think you're ready.
Marshal all of your skills to defeat Ninja assassins, mighty Shoguns, warriors, mercenary soldiers, panthers and peasant villagers. Once you achieve true mastery, the final challenge awaits in the volcanic fortress of the evil warlord--a challenge no one has yet survived.
- Puzzles and traps combined with unsurpassed karate action--this is the first true fighting arts adventure
- A simple system that allows easy control for even the most dazzling and devastating moves
- Over 100 screens to explore and conquer
- Six different levels of opponent, each with a unique fighting style
- Unique one- or two-player training ground to practice your fighting skills

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