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Bursting with high-speed arcade action, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer offers the most realistic gameplay ever seen on a home computer. You can almost sense the thrill of the crowd as the goalkeeper tips a dipping shot over the bar! Stand back, and for a moment you'll believe that you are watching a real match on TV! Sophisticated artificial intelligence makes the play incredibly realistic, with diving headers and sliding tackles, even barging, side-stepping and backheels, plus free-kicks, throw-ins, goalkicks, corners and penalties! But that's not all - you can enter your own team of star players, set their skill levels individually, and manage them through the season. The fitness of each player is constantly changing, so you may have the difficult selection problems - do you take a risk and put your ace striker in the team if he isn't fully fit?

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#17 lowest rated C64 sports game (#196 on C64, #10648 overall)


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#61 easiest C64 sports game (#335 on C64, #21399 overall)


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#77 shortest C64 sports game (#775 on C64, #5714 overall)


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