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Enter the funny, challenging and suspenseful dream world of Drol--where a little red-haired girl and her propeller-beanied brother await your rescue. They have been lured by a witch doctor's curse into the multi-leveled ruins of a lost civilization. Mesmerized, they wander aimlessly through the scrolling underground corridors, oblivious to the dangers around them.
It's your task--as a hero equipped with a rocket backpack and full-screen radar scope--to dodge hopping scorpions, monsters and snakes, flying turkeys, swords, daggers, arrows, magnets, witch doctors, and vacuum cleaners(!) in your attempts to reunite the children with their mother.
Drol's wry sense of humor and amazingly detailed cartoon imagery make this game a charmer!
- An arcade action game
- Many levels of play
- Joystick controlled
- Includes victory cartoon!

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#254 lowest rated C64 action game (#447 on C64, #20775 overall)


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#190 easiest C64 action game (#463 on C64, #26817 overall)


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