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Down through the centuries many tales had been told of the tiny dark island upon which was hidden the "secret". Many men had tried to reveal
its whereabouts and some had even died in the attempt, but despite their best efforts the island still kept hold of the "secret"...

Now it was your turn and you, Shugaraa of the land beyond the sea, had journeyed far to find landfall on this tiny dark island. You had come
here with the hope of finding the "secret" burning strong in your breast and secure in the knowledge that you alone would be able to discover its hiding place. Legend told of a race of Giants that once dwelt on the island and of great warriors equipped with magnificent swords and fine hunting horns. Legend also told that the "secret" was held deep within a network of dark tunnels that infested this tiny land.

The mighty oaken ship that had brought you to these shores has now taken to the open seas once more and left you to seek out your destiny, so go forth and see if you can discover the great "SECRET OF LIFE FOREVER" ...

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