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You're on a lush, lost island in the Caribbean. You, a buried treasure and unspeakable terror. Something inside you whispers that your life is in danger. Which path should you take through the twisted jungle?
It will take all the courage and cunning you can muster to get down the cliff without falling to your death. Cross the bottomless crevasse. Get through the quicksnad. Avoid the man-eating ants. Conquer the crocodile-filled swamp. Escape the deadly voodoo cave, menacing pirate ghosts and all the other lethal traps and pitfalls in your path.
Can you turn the clues you find into the tools you need to grab the treasure and get off the island alive?
This is a game for the brain. All you have is your wits and the treasure map inside this box.
So visit our little island if you dare. But heed this warning. If you seek and fail, you may be doomed to remain and play the game forever.
A game of strategy, courage and high adventure

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#55 highest rated C64 adventure game (#406 on C64, #7939 overall)


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#159 hardest C64 adventure game (#1171 on C64, #31516 overall)


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#43 shortest C64 adventure game (#424 on C64, #1899 overall)


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