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Grannies under attack! Yes, helpless little old ladies can't walk the streets in safety. With hordes of yo-yos like new-wave gangsters, motorcycle madmen, break dancers, gorillas (gorillas?) and other creeps that threaten the streets, we need a hero with tremendous wit, daring, and courage...someone who owns a pair of gold spandex shorts to save the day! But where, oh where can such a hero be found?
You got it--the world champion, hairy-chested macho man of Bop'n Wrestle...Gorgeous Greg, this one's for you. Maneuver Greg as he faces down an array of turkeys so big and bad they make pro-wrestlers look like Sunday school teachers. Fight your way through all levels to save the grannies and become the hero of the city.
- Multiple levels to test your mettle
- 9 (at least!) different opponents
- Incredible, extra-large animated figures
- Mayhem, humor, excitement, surprises, and a chance to be a real hero!

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#158 highest rated C64 action game (#357 on C64, #6855 overall)


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