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Your favorite strategic adventure game reaches the computer age! You're the commander of a powerful naval fleet and you face an enemy who plans to make you fish bait. Man your battleships! This is combat that's fast, furious and lots of fun! It's so real, you'll taste the saltwater. Start by strategically positioning your ships against the enemy (a former friend's fleet or the computer). Plan your hits, aim your guns and the action begins. You'll watch planes strafing by, hear shrapnel exploding, see subs and cruisers sinking. When the smoke clears, you're on the defensive, while your opponent plays hunt and seek. Good luck, sailor! If you're still afloat when it's over, you'll be honored in a glorious victory "sail past".

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#17 highest rated C64 miscellaneous game (#421 on C64, #8595 overall)


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#10 hardest C64 miscellaneous game (#956 on C64, #28447 overall)


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