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What could be more fun than dressing a BARBIE Doll? How about changing her hair style? Or hair color? Now you can even dress BARBIE in outfits that you design yourself, because America's favorite fashion doll has come to the computer screen. With the BARBIE Computer Activity Toy, BARBIE comes to life right on your screen so you can make endless selections that you control with your joystick.
Hear Ken talk to BARBIE on the phone and invite her to a picnic, the prom, or an afternoon at the tennis courts. Enjoy the fun of seeing BARBIE drive to the shopping mall. Take BARBIE to the boutique. Choose formal gowns, tennis outfits and swimwear. If a dress is the wrong color, you can change it...or even design a whole new outfit with belts and shoes to match!
At the hair salon, you can change her hair. Make it short or long, straight or curly--blonde, red or even blue! The BARBIE Computer Activity Toy gives you new ways to play with BARBIE.
- Dress BARBIE For Her Date With Ken, Design and Alter Her Outfits.
- Shop in Four Different Stores or Go to the Hair Salon.
- Choose From Over 1000 Combinations of Outfits, Dresses, Swimwear, Shoes and Hair Styles.
- Modify with Seven Colors and Six Different Patterns.
- Joystick Controlled.
- One Player.

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