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There Are Some Places In The Universe You Don't Go Alone...but the nightmares return and the only way to get rid of them is to go back to LV-426 and confront them...face to face. To relive your terror. To conquer your fear. And this time...to win.

Here's your chance to relive the excitement and action of the motion picture. --- "Aliens" From the initial launch of the drop ship to the final battle with the Alien Queen, six separate game sequences put the fate of Newt and the Colonial Marines in your hands.

* Guide your ship through a rough flight to LV-426.
* Hold off the hordes as your squad cuts its way out of the Operations Room.
* Fight the clock and the Alien's attack to rescue Newt before the complex explodes.
* The final confrontation, your ultimate enemy: the Alien Queen faces you at last.

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