Nowadays, hacking in somewhere you don't belong can get you in trouble.
In a hundred years, it will get you killed...
You got 30 megs online, three viruses, six icebreakers and a smart-mouth ROM construct riding shotgun.
As you go hacking in hard on the immense icy-hard crystal of the new database, something stirs within it. Artificial Intelligence?
"You know," says your ROM construct, "maybe the ice here is so hard not just to keep cowboys like you out, but 'cause they wanta keep something else in."
And then you remember: They're called AIs 'cause they don't care when they kill you.
It's party time in Cyberspace.
- Drawn from the pages of the smash cyberpunk novel Neuromancer by William Gibson.
- Skill-based role-playing game by the creators of The Bard's Tale and Wasteland.
- Fully digitized original sound track by DEVO.
- Soon to be a major motion picture from Cabana Boy Productions.
- Easy-to-use icon and window interface.
- Use your skills to break into government and corporate computer systems, or jack into Cyberspace and cut into ice-encased databases with your software.
- Multiple paths to a successful conclusion.
- Annoy the characters you meet and they won't forget it -- but you can forget asking them for help later on.

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