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  1. 9:20 pm, Sunday, 8th of March, 1936. A wealthy British financier of the soap industry, Bolitho Blane, commits suicide during a cruise off the coast of Miami. The yacht is owned by Carlton Rocksavage, Blane's principal rival for control of the world soap market. Is it just a suicide?

    Miami Police Department send Kettering, one of their best detectives, to investigate the case. Was it a simple pleasure cruise, or was there more at stake? Just how bad a financial position were Blane's companies in? Did he take his own life, or was there foul play?

    The answers are for you to find out. Take on the roll of Kettering, the investigating officer, and try to uncover what really happened. Search the yacht and question the passengers. Are you sharp enough to solve "Murder off Miami"?

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