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Post your current project(s)
Fire Emblem Heroes
Poison-puffs285/25 2:26PM
Kombat Kast 5/25 (Robocop, Sheeva)
Mortal Kombat 11
UltimateSol555/25 2:25PM
Xenoblade DE's dynamic resolution: 378p-540p handheld; 540p-720p docked.
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
BakonBitz445/25 2:21PM
Club Old Horizons: Players Over 30 (Part 23)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Too_many_pets835/25 2:20PM
Why did Aerith go God Mode near the end?
Final Fantasy VII Remake
ChillGamer495/25 2:21PM
Is adding relatively obscure characters to Smash a bad idea?
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
PK_Water455/25 1:37PM
Twitch Stream 05/25/'20
Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia
WafflePower345/25 2:25PM
Hate asking about Haru, but....
Persona 5 Royal
cheatermaster225/25 2:24PM
Fate/Requiem Summon
Fate / Grand Order
Waifu4Life315/25 2:10PM
Who's the cringiest character? Day 3: Golden Deer
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Dark_Koopatrol215/25 1:54PM
Do you really consider botw to be the best zelda game? {cont.}
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Rhiethreal475/25 1:12PM
Dark Birb 2.0 Onikiri & Nemesis Rod Banners Relic Draw Topic
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
SolitaireD165/25 1:39PM
plannign on leaving this board for good this time
Pokemon Sword
VandalCrown395/25 12:39PM
I can't believe they still haven't done anything about AP Malphite
League of Legends
PokemonYoutube195/25 1:01PM
Ok, gang, I'm there. Lets talk Kh2.5FM data battles
Kingdom Hearts III
Toshiro2099245/25 12:58PM
11 Rainbow Summon
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
SSJPabs595/25 2:26PM
I feel like this game was falsely advertised leading up to its release
Resident Evil 3
Crohnos115/25 12:56PM
Rev Trade Session - Hot Blooded Howl (some very nice finds)
Nioh 2
AlekTrev0062345/25 2:25PM
Zinogre Deco Farming Session
Monster Hunter: World
Robust545/25 2:24PM
Abby's real body model Colleen Fotsch is she on steroids
The Last of Us Part II
Bayonetta_3665/25 2:02PM

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