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God of War 6/10
God of War
Seipheroth1504/23 4:00AM
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
NoTrollGaming604/23 3:38AM
The mispronunciation of "wyvern"...
Monster Hunter: World
decepticlown1434/23 4:01AM
Save the Newcomer - Round #1 (Part V)
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch
Jeff_Mercer914/23 4:08AM
What Healer? Garnet, Minfillia or Y'shtola?
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
ShadowSilver13274/23 4:00AM
My GF called the new Hinoka "handsome"
Fire Emblem Heroes
MadDogRaid184/23 4:02AM
Whoa! Platinum and don't know how
skermac204/23 4:01AM
I'm 50 hours in...
Persona 5
Locka234/23 3:59AM
Were you pleased with Gen 7 overall?
Pokemon Ultra Sun
Zyguardian204/23 4:04AM
What would make you quit playing this game?
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Garetjax333214/23 3:27AM
whm is the worst class to play
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
Greenfox11174/23 3:55AM
This game is dying out
Dragon Ball FighterZ
GodzGift42444/23 3:59AM
Little Additions You Want
Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT
KoolAssAssassin134/23 3:52AM
Is Alex worth learning?
Street Fighter V
shokan_warrior54/23 2:07AM
"new creation" that aims to "surpass the original"
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Valkyreo694/23 4:09AM
My ONE major complaint about the game
Splatoon 2
Luigimeansme74/23 1:23AM
How can Ana be buffed?
Arcane85164/23 3:49AM
Who are the best AFK tower takers?
League of Legends
ImTryingPlsHelp44/23 2:06AM
How is Episode Prompto "several days later"?
Final Fantasy XV
slmcknett64/23 2:11AM
New Characters Introduced - Haanit & Therion
Octopath Traveler
Exentryk304/23 2:45AM

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