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Game has some of the most dumb most broken mechanics I have EVER seen!!!
Monster Hunter: World
velvet_hammer282/25 7:29AM
Thoughts on Rival Domains?
Fire Emblem Heroes
HerbalTea262/25 7:43AM
Consumer Warning: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!
Metal Gear Survive
PrinceOfHot522/25 7:42AM
Great, Ivy is back to her old revealing costumes
SoulCalibur VI
palpatine_roxx792/25 7:35AM
do you want ff to be open world?
Final Fantasy XV
renegadedriver122/25 7:29AM
Why can Kirito Romance the girls but you can't?
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Bl00dEdgeRaiden362/25 6:26AM
I need some cheese
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
Rumar472/25 7:28AM
Do you enjoy Magicite?
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Lavabit402/25 6:34AM
Good Bye LOL
League of Legends
sahilmohammad172/25 7:34AM
This game is such a rush job
Fire Emblem Warriors
Horungen142/25 7:40AM
Ocarina of Time is underrated
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Forest_Temple112/25 7:32AM
Maybe Guzzlord should get a girlfriend...
Pokemon Ultra Sun
SageHarpuia582/25 7:41AM
I hope you all realize that KH3 will almost certainly get substantial DLC.
Kingdom Hearts III
Triforceformer1042/25 7:34AM
How's Gohan, Cocoon Frieza, and Yurin drop rate?
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
samxmas582/25 7:10AM
Are you satisfied with how Omega Force depicted your favorite characters in DW9?
Dynasty Warriors 9
Xuan_Wu_782/25 6:36AM
Will you be putting this game "on the shelf" when Far Cry 5 comes out?
Assassin's Creed Origins
Klop_Job62/25 7:26AM
guys look at this awesome d2 clip i made :) :) :)
Destiny 2
WarDog201682/25 6:49AM
Why is Frieza cool?
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Mr__Peanut182/25 6:47AM
Let's assume ALL Mentors can be dressed in any outfit like CACs.....
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2
XI_NightLord_IX142/25 6:19AM
Pure Land...
Secret of Mana
Lightshadow1102/25 7:43AM

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