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  Hot: Welcome back topic for SkylerTheCat
15.8K 498K 28 minutes ago28m
Better Than Hellhole!
  Hot: "Clear example of bias"
122 728 24 minutes ago24m
Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: Guess my Top 25 of 2018 - win a prize*
194 8.96K 46 minutes ago46m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #7448 - Do you plan to give or receive any games as gifts for the holidays?
823 14.7K 40 minutes ago40m
Nihon Falcom General
  Hot: Shareholder meeting 12/19 at 11:30 PM est
136 1.45K 16 minutes ago16m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Graphics are pretty much at their peak. We don't need a new console generation.
270K 5.96M 31 seconds ago31s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Ys IX announced, exclusively for PS4 Community
81K 1.97M 2 minutes ago2m
Xbox One
  Hot: I got banned for posting sexual content/nudity. But I know I didnt
146K 2.78M 8 minutes ago8m
  Hot: Red Dead 2 PC build video leak
130K 2.14M 5 minutes ago5m
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: So what's everyone up to lately?(52) Community
115K 2.04M 2 minutes ago2m

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  Hot: Save My Smash Bro: Day 47 [smsb] [24/7] Forum Game
177 20.5K 1 minute ago1m
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Forever 21 causes Outrage after they used a WHITE MODEL to promote WAKANDA!!!
408 9.77K 6 minutes ago6m

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