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User Info: mr_roberts_z

12 years ago#1
Welcome to what will probably be the final topic of the Super Mario 64 Video Quiz! The FAQ-style rules list seemed to work fine, in the last two topics, so we’ll use it here again. If you’re new to the Quiz, please read these rules before you proceed.

About the Quiz

What is this thing?
This is, simply, a competition. In it, I present various tasks to be performed in Super Mario 64, and the competitors (hopefully including yourself) perform and record them via various means, and then present their videos using media hosting sites. Those with the best videos (see below) collect points. When the Quiz ends, all the points will be counted and the winner/s will be announced.

Tasks? What kind of tasks?
Basically anything remotely challenging that can be performed in Super Mario 64. The Quiz goes through each level, with a set amount of tasks for each level. In general, there are two kinds of tasks: “TIMED” tasks require you to perform something as fast as possible, with the fastest videos winning the most points. Unless specified, all other tasks have no time constraint, and simply completing them will earn you a fixed amount of points.

How many tasks are there?
Usually 10 tasks for every main course. The Secret Levels (as well as the castle grounds) will usually have only one or two.

Do I have as much time as I want to do these tasks?
With each task, a loose deadline will be provided. It’s preferred that you try to present your videos by this date, but if you need a couple of extra days, please ask, and you’ll almost definitely be granted them.

Sounds a bit boring. Why should I compete in this thing?
Although the first tasks of each level may seem quite easy, they are generally intended to get tougher as the tasks progress. By competing in harder tasks, you gain skill, and become a better player. Also, by competing against others, you get to have fun. You may also learn new things about the game, which is not uncommon in the Quiz. Also, we’re bribing you a bit: when you submit your first video, you’ll automatically receive five points, whether your actual video is worth any points or not.

Doesn’t sound much like a “quiz” at all. Why is it called that instead of something like “Video Competition”?
In the early “concept designs” of the Quiz, it was intended to be based much more on knowledge of the game, and instead of tasks, you would be given quiz-like questions, which you might then perform. This turned out to be a terrible idea, but the name stuck.

Alright, I guess you’ve convinced me. How do I sign up?
YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP. YOU CAN COMPETE WHENEVER YOU WANT! If this is your first day on GameFAQs and you want to be in the Quiz, we don't care how long you've been around! Just post a link to your video and it'll be counted (assuming it conforms to all the rules). This is an extremely important aspect of the Quiz: the fact that anyone can join, and leave, when they want. There is no obligation to remain in the quiz whatsoever, and indeed, many of the early competitors in the Quiz are not around any more.


User Info: mr_roberts_z

12 years ago#2
Competing in the Quiz

I have Super Mario 64 DS. Can I compete with that?
No, as it’s a different game, with different controls, and different level layouts. Many tasks simply wouldn’t be compatible. You can, however, try playing any task you want yourself; they just wouldn’t be counted.

I can record from my N64. That’s okay, right?
Recording gameplay from your console is strongly encouraged in the Quiz, more so than using emulators (see below). Whether with a DVD/VHS recorder, capture card, or even a videocamera, if you are able to, doing this is preferred.

How about from the Wii Virtual Console? I have Super Mario 64 on that.
Same as above applies. VC recording is also strongly encouraged, so go right ahead and use that.

I sold my N64 years ago. How am I supposed to compete?
Most competitors in the Quiz use emulators, as opposed to recording from actual consoles. Emulators are computer programs that are designed to emulate the hardware of the consoles they’re based on. They play ROMs, which are images of video game cartridges. If your computer can smoothly run certain N64 emulators, you may use certain ones. Project 64, the most popular emulator, is available at www.pj64-emu.com. 1964, another one, can be found at http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/n64/1964.html. To record gameplay from these, most people use CamStudio, available at http://www.camstudio.org. Note that you must record the filebar from these emulators along with your gameplay. Barless PJ64/1964 videos won’t be counted.

There’s another emulator I’ve heard of, “Mupen64”, I think. Can I use that?
No. Very VERY rarely, I may let certain people use it for certain tasks, for certain reasons that I don’t have to justify. You may make an “appeal” to me to let you use it, but you almost definitely won’t be allowed to. You must have a very valid reason, and I need to know that you’re trustworthy.

That doesn’t sound very fair…Oh, and why can’t I use it?
Live with it. I guarantee that so few people will be allowed to use Mupen64 in the quiz that it will be practically unnoticeable. As for why it’s mostly banned, it’s because as of September 2008, it’s the only emulator with built in TAS functions (see below).

What is this “TAS” I keep hearing about?
Read here for a good explanation: http://tasvideos.org/WhyAndHow.html#ToolAssistance. Mupen64 or not, TAS is banned from the Quiz.

I take it GameShark and other cheat devices are banned too, right?
Right. The ONLY exceptions are colour codes that modify Mario’s palette, though using these are discouraged. You may use the “Have All 120 Stars” cheat only to get to higher levels of the game quickly. Finally, there is a GameShark code available that inserts the game’s usual timer into any level. You may use this if you want, but it is essentially useless, since the Quiz has its own method of timing videos. The two preceding codes are allowed, but also discouraged.

Wait wait wait! You didn’t link to a Super Mario 64 ROM!
And so it will stay that way, as this is a firm GameFAQs rule. You’ll have to find this yourself, and don’t ask for it in this thread.

Okay, I have my video all recorded. How do I show it to you?
First, everyone must be able to view it, not just me. Second, YouTube videos, Google videos, download storage site links, and direct links are all allowed. However, YouTube is preferred and recommended, as it’s the most reliable and easy to use out of all of them. If you use YouTube, copy and paste the bolded task into the video description. Also, try and title your video in this format: "Super Mario 64 Video Quiz - Level #, Task #". Not a must, but it helps keep Quiz videos clean and organized.


User Info: mr_roberts_z

12 years ago#3
The Gameplay Itself

There’s something cool that I wanna show in my video. Can I show it?
As long as you perform everything asked in the task, you can do whatever else you want in your video. Be careful though; in timed tasks, you probably don’t want to waste any time. A couple of things to remember: always start recording your video before you enter the level (most people begin at the Star Selection Screen, which is fine), and always stop recording after you’ve completed the task. If you fail either of these, your video can’t be timed properly.

I know that in the sand level (Shifting Sand Land), the lava place (Lethal Lava Land), and the mountain level with the waterfall and the monkeys (Tall Tall Mountain), you can die in a certain place to end up back up in a certain part of the level when you go back in the painting. Is that allowed?
No, not unless specified.

Can I play without Mario’s cap?
Yes, you can do anything like this, unless specified.

In those timed tasks, when does the timing start?
I’ll usually specify when it starts and when it ends. If I don’t mention these in the task, assume that timing begins when you enter the level (specifically, when Mario’s back arches slightly after he lands on the ground) and ends when you finish the last part of the task.

For untimed tasks, can I start recording in the level, right before I complete whatever you ask?
No. Start at (or before) the star selection screen, shown when you enter any of the 15 main levels. For secret levels, begin recording before you enter.

Can I add my own timer to my video, even if it’s not that code you mentioned?
You can, but try not to make it too obtrusive. Also, try to start timing at the right time (see above). This prevents confusion, especially on YouTube.

Now here’s a coincidence…I recorded the EXACT same thing as what’s in the task last year. Can I use that old video?
No, all videos must be new, original material, unless you ask and I allow it.

I have no idea how to do this task, so I’ll just wait until someone else makes their video and watch theirs. No one will notice. >_>
Please don’t do this. Other people work hard on their videos, and to have their strategies (or times, if you look at theirs to see what time you have to beat) ripped off is not fair at all. Unfortunately, this is unenforceable, so it’s on your honor. Also, someone almost certainly will notice, and your video might not be counted if the general consensus is that you copied someone else’s strategy.

Speaking of strategies, which can I use?
This is key to many Quiz tasks: look at EVERYTHING, all around the level, at anything you can use…review all your options. You may notice something helpful that no one else will. Also, try to practice a bit before you record. No one likes to watch a badly played video completely full of mistakes. If it’s a timed task, and you make a horribly sloppy video, it’s just a waste of time.

Well, I followed your advice and found this AMAZING strategy that’ll surely get me first place and that I know no one else will notice. I’m worried someone might watch my video and steal it, so I’m gonna try to submit my video at the last second. Is that okay?
Sure, if you’re paranoid that someone will take advantage of your video, there’s no problem with waiting to put it up.


User Info: mr_roberts_z

12 years ago#4
Everything else

BoB? LLL? BLJ? Err, WTF?
You’ll find these abbreviations used in general Quiz conversation. These mean:

BoB = Bob-omb Battlefield
WF = Whomp's Fortress
JRB = Jolly Roger Bay
CCM = Cool, Cool Mountain
BBH = Big Boo's Haunt
HMC = Hazy Maze Cave
LLL = Lethal Lava Land
SSL = Shifting Sand Land
DDD = Dire, Dire Docks
SL = Snowman's Land
WDW = Wet-Dry World
TTM = Tall, Tall Mountain
THI = Tiny-Huge Island
TTC = Tick Tock Clock
RR = Rainbow Ride
PSS = Princess's Secret Slide
SA = Secret Aquarium
BitDW = Bowser in the Dark World
TotWC = Tower of the Wing Cap
VCUtM = Vanish Cap under the Moat
CotMC = Cavern of the Metal Cap
BitFS = Bowser in the Fire Sea
WMotR = Wing Mario over the Rainbow
BitS = Bowser in the Sky
BLJ = Backwards Long-Jump

(text written by ShadowOfMyles)

This FAQ didn’t answer anything, I have way more questions. What about those?
All you need to do is ask in the thread, if you have any questions not answered here. Either myself or someone else will try their best to answer you. However, if you ask something that’s clearly answered here, that’s annoying for everyone. Read this FAQ carefully before you ask, please.

The “rest of the Quiz”? Assuming you get to the end of this one, will you start a second Quiz, starting back at the beginning again with different tasks?
If people support it, then it’s possible that it will start over again.

These tasks are awesome. Do you have a list of all the old tasks since the beginning of the Quiz? Also, links to the submitted videos would be nice too.
Yes! You can view the complete archive of all previous tasks and video links at www.sm64.com/videoquiz. This website was designed and hosted by Brightguy.

How come “JRB” and “DDD” had 5 tasks, and “WDW” had 15?
The first two had five tasks each because there simply wasn’t enough to do in them to warrant the usual 10 tasks. Conversely, Wet-Dry World had enough stuff to do that it got five extra tasks.

What else can I find at that website?
Along with the complete listing of tasks and video links as mentioned above, you can also find the current ranking of all the competitors, the ranking that followed any previous task, a page for each competitor detailing the tasks that he submitted videos for, and other stats like the number of tasks competed in. Keep in mind that if you submit a single video for this Quiz, your GFAQs username will show up on this site along with everybody else’s, unless you request otherwise.

Well, turns out I’m leaving the internet, never to return. That means I won’t be back in the Quiz, ever. Can you delete my score?
No. If you submit a valid video, your name and score stick around forever.

I competed in my first task and got my honorary five points, as mentioned. Why doesn’t my name show up on your posts with the new tasks like some other peoples’?
This list is for the top 20 players only. As of the beginning of this topic, 87 people have competed in the Quiz, and posting all of their names with each new task simply looks terrible. You can find a link to the full ranking below each Top 20 list. If you want your name to appear on this list, all you need to do is compete enough.


User Info: mr_roberts_z

12 years ago#5
Well, thanks a lot. You got me into the competing in the Quiz, and on that last timed task, I was trying so hard to make my video absolutely perfect that I spent too much time on it and failed all my studies. Also, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist, lost all my friends, and practically starved, all because I was trying to get those stupid points from that stupid task. And on top of that, I got beaten!
Come on. This Quiz is about having fun, and it’s important not to push yourself too hard. If a task is just too difficult, remember that there are no obligations: all you need to do is skip it.

This FAQ sucks! I liked the bland, dreary, dull list of rules better.

Well, I have some other ideas about how to make this Quiz better. Can I show/tell you them?
Of course. The Quiz is always changing (the rules change virtually every topic), and I’m always interested in trying new stuff, as I’m sure others are. Any reasonable idea would be prone to discussion and consideration.

Anything else?
That’s about it. Have fun!

Here’s the complete ranking from where we left off.

Jish - 4116
Ameba2 - 3826
ShadowOfMyles - 3288
Jipme6 - 1350
Bobmario511 - 1210
Brightguy - 870
Specane - 733
_Quate_ - 691
Soul rivers - 613
Swordless Link - 596
Mr_roberts_z - 585
Silent_Slayers - 521
RedNosedDonkey - 515
Ennopp112 - 485
Peteyboo - 473
Chris_Q - 469
Redsoxnation48 - 440
Ssbm1221 - 421
ShadowMario3 - 380
Adika25630 - 330
Filimonas - 321
UltimatePisman - 305
PwnerofFF - 290
PhickSniper - 290
Winshendu - 275
_Stun_ - 260
Blazesoul13 - 255
Zelda Link - 250
I_am_kool - 245
Duksandfish - 200
Nk1ller - 185
BasicLvrCH8r - 180
GenericMan - 175
GlitchGamerX - 175
Lightespeon - 175
GhostSonic123 - 160
Mastershield77 - 150
946582f - 145
Slayzerx - 140
Sndopdodg2222 - 130
Andrewajt62 - 115
Bottles704 - 110
Arrozbatata - 105
Liquid_Silk_II - 105
Erivan_junior - 105
Tojso09 - 100
Neoscorch - 85
MrPerson01 - 85
SM64Parkour - 80
Koop Shells - 80
Lee7 - 75
RoadOfDarkness - 75
ToiletPro - 70
Marioman795 - 70
Kyman14 - 65
Speedruntrainer - 65
DhawcK - 65
Perunah - 60
IsakW2F - 55
Thodoris24 - 55
DK64DS - 55
Xman490 - 55
IcedSM64 - 55
Acdcgamer316 - 55
Smotp - 55
Ibix5 - 55
F1reTheIsP - 50
NinterndoFreak - 50
Immrsmith - 50
Lord_penance - 50
Chungy - 45
Arch Dark - 45
Pete993 - 40
Ultimatekoopa - 35
DamageDealerz - 35
Mp16z - 35
Sammehboy2 - 35
Lucky_Gamer - 30
MVJ52197 - 30
Sr_Simbolo - 30
MarioSuperFan - 25
Babymarioegg - 20
Z_qwerty123 - 20
Mapler90210 - 20
Deathly - 20
WiiPlaya4Eva - 20
Hat human - 20
Venice - 15
Pixlking - 15
Snowboard340 - 15
Juvortus - 15
ThisIsU - 15
Mrtheo31 - 15
Frankier40 - 5
Poo100 - 5
CrazyStickFigure - 5
Capgamer - 5
BlackTetsusaiga - 5
Kirbymuncher - 5
Jacob91_returns - 5
BleachFreak86 - 5
Bbop800 - 5
Green pickle - 5
FanofZelda450 - 5
INGX - 5
Lazybum343 - 5

And the current task:

Video Quiz - Tick Tock Clock - Level 14, Task 7 - [80 Points]
Break the two very highest ! boxes at the top of the level. Do not touch anything that moves. Clock on the fast setting.

User Info: BlueYoshi97

12 years ago#6
I am thinking about joining, but first I want to complete all the tasks from the archives. They are good for practicing, right now I still suck at playing. Slugs would beat me in a timed task.
No clue.

User Info: adika25630

12 years ago#7
Why did you reduce the points in this task to 80?
Mario is the least reliable character in video game history.

User Info: mr_roberts_z

12 years ago#8
The task changed slightly.

User Info: BikdipOnABus

12 years ago#9
So the old submissions are worthless now?

Also, I'm assuming that moving objects that are currently not moving still count as moving objects, but I'd like some clarification.
Jeigan would make an epic joke character. He would be like Lucario except he would get worse as the match went on. - Snakey

User Info: mr_roberts_z

12 years ago#10
The old submissions are all fine. The task change was just the removal of the "moving object must still not be moving" thing that we settled on in the last topic.

Updating tomorrow.
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