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  Hot: Dreamcast pet peeves
1.2K 19.6K 14 hours ago14h
Game Boy Advance
  Hot: I'm interested in these games.
1.1K 11K 13 hours ago13h
  Hot: Gamecube, what are you currently playing?
1.63K 20.4K 3 hours ago3h
  Hot: Side-scrolling action-RPG adventures?
2.7K 52.1K 5 minutes ago5m
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: When did the Dragon Quest games become so rare?
148K 2.37M 48 minutes ago48m
Nintendo 64
  Hot: Beating All 296 NA N64 Games
1.48K 26.4K 5 hours ago5h
Nintendo 64DD
  Hot: How Was Your Day: Steel Ball Run edition
2.38K 48.5K 4 hours ago4h
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: What do you guys think about the upcoming black Superman project? Community
142K 3.52M 4 minutes ago4m
  Hot: Returnal looks amazing, wish it was on pc
146K 2.46M 11 minutes ago11m
PC - Tech Support
  Hot: Buffering Videos
3.89K 14.9K 17 hours ago17h
  Hot: Best fighting games on PSX?
1.88K 31K 12 hours ago12h
PlayStation 2
  Hot: What games are you playing 2019 and beyond
3.3K 46.9K 10 hours ago10h
PlayStation 3
  Hot: How do you guys feel about the Lost Planet series?
157K 2.68M 4 hours ago4h
PlayStation 4
  Hot: Are you disappointed that RE8 is first person again?
338K 8.17M 5 minutes ago5m
PlayStation 5
  Hot: PS5 owners: How did you get one??
12.3K 273K 9 minutes ago9m
PlayStation Portable
  Hot: What are the psp exclusives?
8.42K 83.6K 8 hours ago8h
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Best Vanillaware Vita game
116K 2.09M 1 hour ago1h
  Hot: This topic wasn't supposed to purge today.
3 455 5 hours ago5h
  Hot: When Will Google Start To Charge My Card For My Pre-Order Game?
138 1.17K 13 hours ago13h
Super Nintendo
  Hot: I feel Illusion of Gaia is underrated
2.77K 51.5K 44 minutes ago44m
Wii U
  Hot: What was the highlight of your gaming day 14
160K 3.25M 5 hours ago5h
  Hot: It's Gonna B A Chill Night
1.66K 54.2K 6 hours ago6h
Xbox 360
  Hot: Will Gold online work??
82.4K 1.33M 7 hours ago7h
Xbox One
  Hot: What games made you sad?
166K 3.28M 30 minutes ago30m
Xbox Series X
  Hot: Doom and Wolfenstein
5.69K 114K 9 minutes ago9m

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