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  Hot: If the new leak about the Galaxy s10 Is true, when can I expect to own one?
5.45K 38.1K 1 hour ago1h
  Hot: Hyperkin Dreamcast hdmi cable, opinions?
1.04K 16.3K 2 hours ago2h
Game Boy Advance
  Hot: With 2018's technology, playing an original GBA gives me these three impressions
954 8.79K 18 hours ago18h
  Hot: What do you think was the best GameCube game?
1.47K 17.7K 12 hours ago12h
  Hot: Name your firsts!
2.16K 40.1K 10 minutes ago10m
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: Dragon Quest 8 midgame leveling help, major spoilers
146K 2.34M 25 minutes ago25m
Nintendo 64
  Hot: What games do you think should be on the N64 classic edition?
1.16K 19.8K 2 hours ago2h
Nintendo 64DD
  Hot: Super smash bros ultimate discussion part 2
2.24K 40.7K 40 minutes ago40m
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Are you subscribed to Nintendo Online?
80.6K 1.96M 15 seconds ago15s
Nintendo Wii
  Hot: Tennis games; virtua tennis, grand slam or.....?
10K 122K 26 minutes ago26m
  Hot: Will the Ouya soon breakout?
249 1.88K 4 hours ago4h
  Hot: How many years of service do you have? According to Steam.
130K 2.14M 3 seconds ago3s
  Hot: Recent PS1 Pickups
1.54K 25.4K 1 hour ago1h
PlayStation 2
  Hot: Maybe someone can help me with name of a game....
2.92K 40.4K 5 hours ago5h
PlayStation 3
  Hot: Is Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection worth a buy?
156K 2.66M 9 minutes ago9m
PlayStation 4
  Hot: Hard to Swallow Pills: Most old "Great" games are highly overrated
270K 5.95M 34 seconds ago34s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: So what's everyone up to lately? (51) Community
115K 2.04M 18 minutes ago18m
Sord M5
  Hot: Stop trying to take my board
9 87 14 hours ago14h
Super Nintendo
  Hot: Leaving the snes classic/mini plugged in
2.36K 43.1K 1 hour ago1h
Wii - Virtual Console and WiiWare
  Hot: VC sales figures
198 4.02K 3 hours ago3h
Wii U
  Hot: What was the highlight of your gaming day?
160K 3.24M 11 minutes ago11m
  Hot: It's Gonna Be a Good Night 8
1.48K 33.7K 34 minutes ago34m
Xbox 360
  Hot: Do you enjoy horror games/series?
82K 1.32M 4 hours ago4h
Xbox One
  Hot: Your favourite Mortal Kombat character? Community
146K 2.78M 7 minutes ago7m
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  Hot: Great mobile games?
5.98K 41.1K 2 hours ago2h

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