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Anime and Manga - Naruto
  Hot: Naruto vs marvel and DC
30.4K 668K 49 minutes ago49m
Anime and Manga - Other Titles
  Hot: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ep 3 *spoilers* Anime
141K 2.97M 9 seconds ago9s
Anime and Manga - Toonami
  Hot: FLCL (Season 3) Alternative - LAST Episode (6) - ODT 10/13/18 (Mature Spoilers) New Episode
3.97K 259K 4 minutes ago4m
Cartoons and Animation
  Hot: My Little Pony ODT CXVI: Best Gift Ever New Episode
19.1K 376K 15 minutes ago15m
Classic Gaming
  Hot: Poll: N64 Classic Edition
6.22K 149K 13 minutes ago13m
Comics and Graphic Novels
  Hot: Minor complaint about Spider-Man PS4 (the suits)
69.1K 1.33M 6 minutes ago6m
Dragon Ball - General
  Hot: You know I use to think Vegeta deserved to win and get more attention.
51.2K 1.03M 18 minutes ago18m
Fighting Games
  Hot: "We don't deserve quality fighting games."
9.57K 178K 40 minutes ago40m
  Hot: Hot Sauce
9.84K 156K 48 minutes ago48m
  Hot: The first 5 Friday the 13th movies. Why were the characters dumb?
3.34K 42K 20 minutes ago20m
Martial Arts
  Hot: Khabib vs mayweather fight may happen. Undefeated vs Undefeated
32K 574K 17 minutes ago17m
Movies: At the Theater
  Hot: Chris Evans says he would use the Infinity Gauntlet against Trump indirectly
61.3K 1.13M 26 seconds ago26s
Movies: Home Media
  Hot: What's up with Amazon and their blurays?
29K 371K 4 minutes ago4m
  Hot: Your view on Warren's DNA test
128K 3.58M 49 seconds ago49s
Pro Wrestling: Other Federations
  Hot: NJPW Discussion Topic 33 - Super Junior Tag Tournament!
13.7K 250K 10 minutes ago10m
RPGs - Role Playing Games
  Hot: Topical Freeze CCXXIX: Posting In A Snow-Bound Land
12.4K 402K 27 minutes ago27m
  Hot: Is sinning a blessing or a curse from God?
6.03K 228K 5 minutes ago5m
Sports and Racing - Baseball
  Hot: Dodgers vs. Brewers NLCS Topic Live Event
43.1K 1.07M 17 minutes ago17m
Sports and Racing - General
  Hot: NFL topic, ip3 furious edition
16.9K 835K 1 minute ago1m
Sports and Racing - NBA
  Hot: R.I.P. Paul Allen
241K 3.2M 37 seconds ago37s
Sports and Racing - NCAA Football
  Hot: What's the last big game Harbaugh won?
16.9K 314K 28 minutes ago28m
Sports and Racing - NFL
  Hot: 49ers @ Packers
232K 4.09M 18 seconds ago18s
Star Wars
  Hot: Do you think Anakin could have been the most powerful force user ever?
7.28K 127K 9 minutes ago9m
Television: Broadcast TV
  Hot: Arrow Season Seven Discussion Topic: Are...we still a super hero show? SPOILERS!
19.9K 471K 7 minutes ago7m
Television: Cable and Satellite
  Hot: What show should I watch or finish watching?
24.4K 510K 45 minutes ago45m

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