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  Hot: How many days of oversleeping does it take before adverse effects show up?
10.1K 161K 23 minutes ago23m
Anime and Manga - Gundam
  Hot: Gunpla General Topic ver. Sentinel (no replying to suiton)
4.52K 78.2K 10 minutes ago10m
Anime and Manga - Naruto
  Hot: what would Third Raikage do if you call him the N-word?
29.7K 645K 28 minutes ago28m
Anime and Manga - Other Titles
  Hot: The latest Bleach novel confirms that Orihime is... *spoilers*
134K 2.82M 1 minute ago1m
Books and Literature
  Hot: Kira's Oathbringer readthrough (ongoing spoilers)
9.43K 119K 9 minutes ago9m
Cartoons and Animation
  Hot: My Little Pony ODT CXI: Sunset Shimmer (and Ray) Appreciation Topic
18K 353K 41 minutes ago41m
Classic Gaming
  Hot: Anyone play Ghostbusters (NES)?
5.62K 130K 17 minutes ago17m
Comics and Graphic Novels
  Hot: Jessica Jones Season 2 debuts on woman's day. Every ep directed by a woman
64.8K 1.23M 3 minutes ago3m
Dragon Ball - General
  Hot: (Spoilers)Wow. Goku has officially surpassed a God of Destruction
43K 847K 7 minutes ago7m
Fighting Games
  Hot: Ivy and Zasalamel confirmed for Soul Calibur 6
8.99K 165K 2 hours ago2h
Martial Arts
  Hot: hygiene - how often do you bathe?
31.2K 552K 31 minutes ago31m
Movies: At the Theater
  Hot: Best Film of 2017 Save Contest - Round 10
56.6K 1.03M 1 minute ago1m
Movies: Home Media
  Hot: Finally saw die hard
27.8K 351K 16 minutes ago16m
Music: Rock
  Hot: The M:R After Hours Lounge - First of 2018 edition (NP/Rec./M:R/etc.)
18.8K 247K 28 minutes ago28m
Nonstop Gaming - Social
  Hot: How's life gps? What are you working towards atm?
20K 374K 1 minute ago1m
  Hot: Polygon does piece on trump blaming games. Polygon shown to have blamed games
111K 3M 2 seconds ago2s
Pro Wrestling: Social
  Hot: Ask me anything :3
3.27K 87K 10 minutes ago10m
RPGs - Everything Else
  Hot: You tried to escape and failed! Discuss the RPG You're Playing. Part 17.
10.3K 356K 4 minutes ago4m
RPGs - Square Enix
  Hot: So "yottaflare" is gonna destroy at least the solar system right?
1.53K 18.7K 25 minutes ago25m
Sports and Racing - Baseball
  Hot: ***Official NYY Preseason Topic #1: Judge, Drury, and Execution By Bullpen***
41K 1.01M 37 seconds ago37s
Sports and Racing - Hockey
  Hot: Grabner to the Devils
26K 557K 48 minutes ago48m
Sports and Racing - NBA
  Hot: Article about fixing the two decade long largest imbalance in pro sports...
232K 3.07M 16 minutes ago16m
Sports and Racing - NFL
  Hot: ***Official 2018 Summersim Post-Draft Roster Check and Playbook Submission***
225K 3.93M 5 minutes ago5m
Star Wars
  Hot: Let's write a better story than The Last Jedi three words at a time.
6.47K 108K 10 minutes ago10m
Television: Broadcast TV
  Hot: Best Highlander The Series Villain?
19.2K 455K 34 minutes ago34m

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