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Anime and Manga - Naruto
  Hot: Deidara vs Sasori
30.6K 674K 6 minutes ago6m
Anime and Manga - Other Titles
  Hot: Wholesome news mangaka drawing girls with huge boobs has big boobs herself.
144K 3.06M 2 minutes ago2m
Anime and Manga - Social
  Hot: The City of Lost Sprouts (finished with King's Field: The Ancient City)
3.21K 39.2K 18 minutes ago18m
Anime and Manga - Toonami
  Hot: We Aren't getting anymore Boruto And MHA Toonami Promo's
4.15K 272K 17 minutes ago17m
Classic Gaming
  Hot: I've beaten this game, have you? V24: The Legend of Zelda (NES)
6.56K 160K 32 minutes ago32m
Comics and Graphic Novels
  Hot: Didn't Ronda Rousey want the Capt. Marvel role?
70.7K 1.38M 32 seconds ago32s
Dragon Ball - General
  Hot: Dumb things about Dragon Ball you used to believe
54.4K 1.1M 1 minute ago1m
  Hot: Do you keep packets? Restaurant
10.1K 160K 19 minutes ago19m
Martial Arts
  Hot: Holloway vs Poirer at UFC 236 confirmed.
32.4K 586K 13 minutes ago13m
Movies: At the Theater
  Hot: There's a reason movies like WW aren't criticized and Star Wars/Cpt Marvel are..
62.9K 1.17M 8 seconds ago8s
Movies: Home Media
  Hot: Actors with quiet or soft spoken voice?
29.6K 382K 1 minute ago1m
Music: Rock
  Hot: M:R After Hours Lounge: Snowed-in edition live from the Arctic Circle (NP/Rec.)
20.7K 276K 5 minutes ago5m
Nonstop Gaming - Social
  Hot: Trump mocking Warren with a Trail of Tears joke barely even registered, wow...
20.7K 392K 19 minutes ago19m
  Hot: Job creator calls young workers entitled for not doing unpaid work.
136K 3.88M 14 seconds ago14s
Pro Wrestling: Other Federations
  Hot: Official AEW Topic 3: Alpha vs. Omega 2
13.9K 261K 26 minutes ago26m
Pro Wrestling: Social
  Hot: 2018 PWS Basketball Discussion
3.58K 99.3K 1 minute ago1m
RPGs - Role Playing Games
  Hot: Posting Through The Seasons CCXXXIV Topic Spanning Ages
12.7K 413K 38 minutes ago38m
Sports and Racing - Baseball
  Hot: ***Official NYY Offseason Topic #5: Luis Cessa >>> Hal Steinbrenner
43.6K 1.09M 5 minutes ago5m
Sports and Racing - General
  Hot: ***New York Mets Topic CCLII: PEDano Smashing your balls***
17.1K 843K 1 minute ago1m
Sports and Racing - Hockey
  Hot: NHL SATURDAY PICKS - Week 20 - Saturday, Feb. 23
26.8K 583K 9 minutes ago9m
Sports and Racing - NBA
  Hot: If you were in Kevin Durant's shoes, would u stay in GS or go to another team?
245K 3.26M 8 minutes ago8m
Sports and Racing - NFL
  Hot: Worst mistake your favorite team ever made?
238K 4.26M 1 minute ago1m
Star Trek
  Hot: ***Orville Season 2 Thread*** Begins December 30th!
2.68K 38.1K 5 minutes ago5m
Star Wars
  Hot: Do you think the magic is gone in the Disney era films since George Lucas-
7.54K 133K 20 minutes ago20m
Television: Broadcast TV
  Hot: Gotham Season 5 Topic: The Final Season <SPOILERS>
20.2K 478K 39 minutes ago39m

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