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@The Range
  Hot: Here's why they closed the Warned/Suspended General topics
420 22.2K 3 hours ago3h
Achievement & Trophy Hunters
  Hot: Your most recently unlocked achievement or trophy 10
53 15.8K 1 hour ago1h
Actual Poll of the Day
  Hot: #8114 - How long have you been coming to GameFAQs?
1.38K 28.5K 3 minutes ago3m
Alternative Science & History
  Hot: Pyramids - Evidence of an ancient global civilisation or religion?
10 1.46K 4 hours ago4h
Dragon Ball General Community Moderated
  Hot: If Toei decides to continue with DBS lets hope they improve
124 1.87K 16 minutes ago16m
Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta
  Hot: Fiesta is coming up!
71 1.04K 5 minutes ago5m
Fire Emblem RP/Social/CYOA/Fanfiction Board
  Hot: CYOA: You found a sword [potentially NSFW?]
1.55K 153K 6 hours ago6h
Free Games
  Hot: Free on GOG... Total Annihilation: Commander Pack (6/5-6/7)
169 3.52K 3 hours ago3h
GameFAQs General Trophies and Achievements
  Hot: SHINE continues to Platinum GET - Part 8
27 3.79K 22 hours ago22h
Hot Girls
  Hot: TikThots - Random clips of 18+ year old girls I've saved
301 2.5K 11 hours ago11h
ImgTC Development
  Hot: imgtc is OFFICIALLY dead. Rest in peace.
12 231 7 hours ago7h
  Hot: George Floyd
568 16.1K 19 hours ago19h
Make America Great Again
  Hot: Have gamefaqs moderators and staff been instructed to censor certain opinions?
849 12.6K 2 hours ago2h
  Hot: My Switch won't turn on
17.8K 564K 2 hours ago2h
Nihon Falcom General
  Hot: Ys vs Sora No Kiseki getting Geofront treatment
194 2.09K 8 hours ago8h
  Hot: List 500: Things you should not tell Princess Peach
101 1.27K 19 hours ago19h
PlayStation VR
  Hot: What was the hook that got you into PSVR....
971 6.69K 18 hours ago18h
Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: Greatest Director of All-Time Tournament: Second Round
257 15.7K 2 hours ago2h
  Hot: What's for dinner tonight boys?
877 4.57K 9 hours ago9h
  Hot: Freedom Daily - my shoutout to pro-democracy protesters
180 1.02K 7 hours ago7h
Sanrio City
  A place to discuss all things Sanrio, including Hello...
22 133 1 month ago1mo
  Hot: Whats your platform?
9 53 4 hours ago4h
The Music Store
  A board for finding new music to listen to
9 42 7 months ago7mo
  Hot: Kamen Rider Zero-One Discussion Topic (SPOILERS)
484 6.72K 11 hours ago11h
  Hot: When I say "WAH", you say "HAH"
123 7.66K 10 hours ago10h

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