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  Hot: so who is actually buying this ?
814 13.9K 9 seconds ago9s
Apex Legends
  Hot: Curious, who has spent money on this game?
298 3.79K 5 minutes ago5m
Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia
  Hot: [JP] February Content - Garland + Ultimecia, Cloud Costume, + more
4.1K 60.2K 3 minutes ago3m
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
  Hot: P2P to F2P
33.8K 438K 6 minutes ago6m
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
  Hot: Is it necessary to even visit the casino?
7.67K 92.5K 42 seconds ago42s
Etrian Odyssey Nexus
  Hot: Please dont kill yourselves for 190 hours trying to unlock vampire.
833 10.6K 3 minutes ago3m
Fate / Grand Order
  Hot: Servant Strengthening Quests Part X have started on JP
7.14K 170K 1 minute ago1m
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  Hot: MVP Letter February 18, 2019
31.6K 797K 6 minutes ago6m
Final Fantasy VII Remake
  Hot: This game has been in development since 2014. We've seen basically nothing
7.28K 197K 3 minutes ago3m
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  Hot: Are you playing FFBE? a) Yes, b) Not anymore (retired), c) Never did, d) *click*
46.6K 768K 2 minutes ago2m
Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: General AR Topic XII
92.2K 1.64M 28 seconds ago28s
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  Hot: Let's take a look at the evolution of recruit conditions!
1.97K 56.2K 6 seconds ago6s
Jump Force
  Hot: .... Ok it's time to "jump" off the bandwagon . Here's why
2.17K 35K 13 seconds ago13s
Kingdom Hearts III
  Hot: Sum up the plot in 5 words or less
26.4K 572K 1 minute ago1m
Monster Hunter: World
  Hot: Ancient leshen 3'47"
36.2K 583K 5 minutes ago5m
Mortal Kombat 11
  Hot: Sektor only playable in "everyone's here". Why?
3.89K 84.6K 41 seconds ago41s
Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon - Trading
  Hot: Original Shiny Guild V 1411! The battles continue!!!
19.2K 434K 13 minutes ago13m
Red Dead Redemption 2
  Hot: Pistol vs Revolver
12K 139K 11 minutes ago11m
Resident Evil 2
  Hot: Why do you think 79% of Players picked Leon first?
10.4K 221K 3 minutes ago3m
SoulCalibur VI
  Hot: CaS DLC is out now, and that Arcane Knight Armour...
5.64K 129K 8 minutes ago8m
Street Fighter V
  Hot: "We will do our utmost to meet your expectations!" - @SF_community
44.2K 935K 1 minute ago1m
Super Mario Maker 2
  Hot: Imagine if you needed Switch Online to play/upload levels.
218 2.1K 1 minute ago1m
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  Hot: Can we all agree that Edrick is the Grinch leak 2.0
108K 2.06M 4 seconds ago4s
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition
  Hot: Repede-only: possible?
2.03K 29.9K 2 minutes ago2m
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  Hot: Things you'd want to forget or remember for subsequent playthroughs
24.1K 414K 1 minute ago1m

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