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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  Hot: Would you let Thanos balance the roster?
109K 2.07M 5 seconds ago5s
  Hot: The hate isn't deserved.
1.03K 17.3K 1 minute ago1m
Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: Your most wanted Fates kid?
92.5K 1.64M 2 minutes ago2m
Mortal Kombat 11
  Hot: ChrisG no longer supporting NRS
4.07K 90.1K 41 seconds ago41s
Kingdom Hearts III
  Hot: I really hope we revisit monsters inc
26.7K 577K 3 seconds ago3s

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The Toonami Faithful
  Hot: 2/16 - 2/22 General Discussion Thread
179 30.5K 6 minutes ago6m
Just Another Board
  Hot: Anyone into 3D printing? (long and boring if you're not into it)
60 2.15K 10 minutes ago10m
  Hot: Koopoll 2423
16.3K 514K 21 minutes ago21m
  Hot: YR: "new" Metal Hero Series to replace Kamen Rider Zi-O fall 2019
368 4.39K 4 minutes ago4m
  Hot: I'm getting better at Madden
679 3.39K 45 minutes ago45m

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Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Do you plan on buying Dragon Quest 11?
87K 2.12M 53 seconds ago53s
PlayStation 4
  Hot: What are you playing this weekend?
276K 6.14M 1 minute ago1m
Xbox One
  Hot: Will you be considering buying a Nintendo switch?
148K 2.83M 10 minutes ago10m
  Hot: Do you prefer watching a Let's Play of a game or playing it yourself?
132K 2.17M 4 seconds ago4s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Mobage Discussion Topic #4 Community
115K 2.06M 13 minutes ago13m

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Save My Disney Character X Round 64 [SMDC] Forum Game
421 30.6K 1 second ago1s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Now, I'm not superstitious, but...
454 9.83K 56 seconds ago56s

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