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Better Than Hellhole!
  Hot: Ffs now I was modded for warning a user not to repeat my mistakes >_<
269 6.85K 19 minutes ago19m
Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: Movie Purchases Volume 3
210 10K 17 minutes ago17m
  Hot: Koopoll 2449
16.5K 520K 19 minutes ago19m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #7544 - What do you do for a living?
922 16.7K 9 minutes ago9m
  Hot: So apparently there's a new Power Rangers game coming
389 4.75K 36 minutes ago36m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Borderlands is an absolute pile and this is why
279K 6.22M 4 seconds ago4s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Switch is turning into Wii U 2.0...
89.3K 2.18M 56 seconds ago56s
Xbox One
  Hot: GTA 5 just takes toooooooooo long in online to do anything!
149K 2.85M 5 minutes ago5m
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: So what's everyone up to lately? (73) Community
115K 2.06M 50 seconds ago50s
  Hot: How is Sekiro?
132K 2.18M 5 minutes ago5m

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: ^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Princess - Winner: Zelda Forum Game
349 32.2K 58 seconds ago58s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: I love saving money
406 9.44K 1 minute ago1m

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