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User Info: the_spensa

1 month ago#1
Hi all,

Thank you for your help in advance.

So playing the game for the first time and I've up to the part in Chapter 3 law where I've gained Arycelle as a party member. So I'm comparing her to my first archer that I've built up since the beginning of the game and I noticed that overall my original archer is better than Arycelle. Now I've heard that Arycelle is one of the best characters in the game.

So I'm wondering is the overall growth of Arycelle better than the generic archers that makes it more worthwhile to use her. Should I start using Arycelle and just develop her skills to be up to the level of the generic archer or just stick with what I got. What would the board do in this situation.

Thanks again.

User Info: toadieman

1 month ago#2
I usually avoid leveling her because when you take her down neutral she take a huge dive in loyalty and could leave you. I generally stick to the 2 archers you're given. That's just me though. I just don't like the idea of putting in the time to level her only for her to leave and then have to recruit her again but at her starting level.
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User Info: wpot

1 month ago#3
A few different thoughts (all of which are true):
1) The game isn't very hard: do what you like!
2) If you want the game to be particularly easy, train both. Archers are overpowered.
3) If you want the game to be challenging, train neither. Archers are overpowered.

The main reason that Arycelle is better than a generic is that she (and most unique units) has a bonus to her action speed that generics can never match. Is it highly significant? No...but it's a nice little thing, especially if you're planning to play this game for 100+ hours. Sooo....
4) Train Arycelle for the action bonus.

As for the Neutral route thing: that is true, but she usually doesn't leave you if she's highly loyal before you go there. If you save before entering that route (and, perhaps, try to boost her loyalty as soon as she starts threatening to leave) you'll be fine. You probably won't go through Neutral more than once.

5) Train Arycelle because she has a nice sprite and portrait.

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User Info: Folles

1 month ago#4
Not important? There is a story character who has perma innate double speed over others.

Not naming as TC don't want spoilers.

This SRPG is different than most where story characters always will prevail against generics, because they not only are faster as they have unique classes to them that far out perform the unique class for generics.
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User Info: snbnzkra

1 month ago#5
wpot and Folles have made a good case. I used only uniques even in my first playthrough mostly because it adds more to the experience, since they have a chance of interacting with the story while generics never will. This may or may not be the case for Arycelle (not sure how spoiler free you want this), but over the story various levels will require certain characters to be deployed, or certain characters will need to be deployed to trigger dialogue that leads to further events or recruitments, so I'd say consider using uniques in general. If you're not following a guide, you might trigger events with your favourite characters. If you do use a guide, maybe they'll be on level and ready to be deployed when needed without being too weak.

User Info: wpot

1 month ago#6
Folles posted...
Not important? There is a story character who has perma innate double speed over others.
I wasn't trying to generalize to ALL unique characters, because yes: the bonus does get quite nice for some of them. For Arycelle the bonus is nice but not world-changing: I wouldn't switch characters for that reason only unless I was a perfectionist sort (which of course I am, but the OP may not be :) ).

I suppose it's also worth pointing out that it really isn't THAT hard to start training in a new character given how the leveling system works. You need to catch up on learned abilities, but that's not too hard in the grand scheme of things.

Lots of ways to look at things depending what you want out of the game...
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User Info: the_spensa

1 month ago#7
Wow guys, thank you for all your quick responses.

So it seems like either is fine but for storyline purposes its probably better to keep Arycelle in and as wpot mentioned, if she does leave in netural, my generic archer already has all the skills needed so it's not a big deal.

User Info: blackflareblade

1 month ago#8
It's not very hard to get Arycelle to stay in neutral.

Essentially at the start of the route you'll get a message saying her loyalty is low.

If you get into a random battle at tynemouth Hill (or anywhere with clerics) you can give Arycelle a weak dagger and get her to level up her daggers by 1 rank - learn the dagger skill first. (Kill off all the other enemies other than the clerics with a strong character)

Usually that 1 skill up is enough to get her to stay.

User Info: Kjorteo

2 weeks ago#9
If you've already cleared the game on some other route (OP mentioned playing on Law) and you're going back to do Neutral via WORLD, the easiest way to avoid the loyalty hit is to go back to the fight where Arycelle joins you afterward if she survives it and let her die instead. The Arycelle in your party will remain in your party and be just fine, but she will now be disconnected from the story and treated as a generic unit with no plot significance or special dialogue (because the "real" Arycelle is canonically dead in this timeline.) When you proceed from chapter 2C to 3N, the Arycelle in your party won't take the loyalty hit because she's not the "real" Arycelle and is longer in this story.
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