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User Info: blackflareblade

2 months ago#1

I just got this on my vita. It has been on my play list for a long time and just now am getting around to finishing it.

1. I just finished the neutral playthrough and got the shaman, lord, and princess class. My plan now is to go through lawful next and then chaotic.

My issue is that because I did the Shaman temples my levels are quite inflated and all the battles are scaling to my level.

Is there anything I can do to help make the battles easier?

Currently my archers are carrying me through most of the battles.

If it helps I've been using the skill FAQ to make the builds I'm using.

2. Related to question 1: I'm using 3 archers, 2 ninjas, 2 Shaman, a Rogue, a Valkyrie, the princess and the Lord for my main team (eventually I plan to get Ozma as well)

Right now the Shaman and princess and Lord are quite low levelled, however. Would it be worth doing a few battles to increase their levels?

3. I'm having a very tough time deciding on a weapon for my Lord and princess. I know the lord is supposed to be geared towards divine so I was thinking brynhilder but I know the princess also should use that? Any advice here would be greatly appreciated!

4. I'm a bit... Stuck? On what to do next. Is playing through the lawful route and then the chaos route a good plan? I was going to save the coda and big dungeons for the end of the game.

Thanks a lot for reading and for any suggestions people may have!

User Info: kamentierr

2 months ago#2
I'm not an expert or anything, but i'll try answering some of your questions based on my experience.

1) In the post-game, at high enough level enemies start having stuff that's not available on the shop. Archers for example, might have a light element crossbow, which is fantastic if you have canopus or other crossbow users. So I'd recommend to recruit enemies and grab their gears.

Later on start unlocking crafting books and aim for elemental weapons and the accessories that boosts Augment skill. They greatly boosts damage from elemental weapons.

Now that you have World, you can also killed of unique characters to scavenge their skills unto your main units and then recruit them again if you want. Skills like Augment and -ology takes a long time to level, you'd want a head start from scavenging. Try checking up the scavenge faq for more info.

2) Lord definitely worth to level. Not sure about Shaman and Princess, i'm not using them. With decent gears and Skill, you can clear Golborza Plains with two people for faster levelling. Lord can easily Solo golborza, just teach him Knight's Phalanx, he's basically immortal.

I'd also recommend to remove one archer. Three archers would leveled up too fast and triggered the level scaling even further.

3) I have my Lord dual wielding Brahma Katanas. They have holy element at +1. He's basically a killing machine. You could also have your lord with Bow. Hey, another archer!!

4) My recommendation is to grind first. Scavenge skills, get good gears, unlock the crafting books and start crafting for better gears. There are also equipment that you can get from drops, like the flying boots, which helped immensely against verticality. Once you have decent gears then you can start doing the other routes.
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(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: OgreAttack

2 months ago#3
Battles do get a lot tougher at that point.

It seems you've decided to use mostly generic characters which is almost always a more challenging way to play. If you want an easier time, go back via world and recruit unique characters like arycelle, ravness, sisters, etc. Law is better for more characters, unless you want the few chaos uniques. They're always a better investment.

Keep a balanced team, ideally just 1 of each class except maybe 2 clerics. This is much more fun to play as well.
Shamans are really excellent so just be patient, so is princess, who you should give brynhildr to enhance augment light. For lord, there are endless possibilities, not just divine. I usually go with a dual wield ninja/berserker sort of build.

If you haven't already, get the enchiridion recipes from the temples and wildwood, this makes things a LOT easier since you actually get appropriate level equipment. I can't state enough how essential these are.

Additionaly, Monsters are almost always great, particularly dragons, octopi and golems. At high levels, they gain TP really fast and you'll be spamming specials like nothing else, with great tanking ability. They are particularly threatening now as enemies, so keep at least 1 dragoon.

User Info: wpot

2 months ago#4
Some more thoughts:
There are recommendations that are "optimally fun", and then there are recommendations that are "optimally effective". Point being, if you want things to be easier you can usually just switch a couple of characters over to Archer...but I wouldn't really recommend that. Really, it seems like you're already using the best classes, so I wouldn't change that much.

At the point in the game you find yourself, yes, I would recommend creating new equips. The accessories and +1 items don't LOOK all that amazing, I know, but they really do make a big difference. Specifically, make things that boost DEX (STR is OK, but not as good as DEX) for physical attackers and/or add to weapon or elemental skills. INT/MND are good for Shamans (Wizard Hats). Also look for items that increase elemental percentages. (Everyone should have a good accessory) If you equip an item or two like that per character you will notice the difference.

As for Lord...in the long run people (like me) like Divine builds because Lord can use ALL of the Divine magic, and Divine magic allows you to do...more or less anything. Nobody else gets close. And your magical superstar can also wield a Bow should you want. Ridiculous. Bryn seems like an appropriate fit, but - unfortunately - even legendary swords are still just swords: they fall behind Bows/magic/etc in the long run.

Princess...eh. She can use a few cool spells in the long run, but so can other characters. She would be powerful if her melee options were any good, but they aren't...really. Not bad, but certainly not better than a Shaman. Use her if you'd like...or go a different direction.
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User Info: EdeaCreamer

4 weeks ago#5
Four weeks late, but...

1) It's worth doing CODA I as soon as possible, even if you're saving the rest of the CODA for when you're really ready for post-game (see point 4). This is because the devs put the last shop upgrade in here for some reason; doing CODA I unlocks Damasc gear in the shops, which will make life much, much easier for you as far as level inflation's concerned (random enemy gear caps out at Damasc). It's also one of the reasons doing Neutral first is a bad idea, as you can't do CODA I on that route unless you've done another one first such that Gildas is in your army roster (see point 4).

2) Use the Phorampa Wildwood for leveling, IMO. It's the gentlest of the 'optional dungeon' areas, and there's quite a few crafting manuals you want to get from there, anyway. Lord and Shaman should definitely be leveled up. Princess has one primary niche: undead (or "Phantom" units). If undead are not present she'll lag compared to you other units, but in areas full of them (such as PotD) she's a top-priority deployment. I'd level it up, as well, TBH.

3) For some insane reason Lord is able to wield 2H Bows and use the Phalanx skill simultaneously, so TBH I don't have him wear armor at all while in the class (the instant Denam shoots someone he's basically immortal). Just stick the strongest non-Jiygla Bow you have on him (eventually you'll want the Pajra) and give him the Crest of Fire once you get it. The Princess should have a Staff of Purification in one hand and a Baldur Crossbow +1 in the other; the latter will absolutely obliterate any undead you aim it at (and give her the TP she needs for Holy Water) and the former gives her a bunch of free Exorcism casts.

4) The main issue with doing post-game stuff ASAP is having to re-do PotD multiple times, as CODA II forces you to go down there (I despise this design decision, NGL) and you won't be able to use Palace Guides to speed this up unless you already plumbed the Palace during that specific playthrough. I recommend going Law -> Neutral -> Chaos/complete PotD -> CODA. Doing PotD on the Chaos route enables farming Necromancer marks and Law has the strongest recruits in it (so you want to get them early). Despite what the game says, CODA requirements only care about the ending you got and whether or not the unit's present in your army at the moment; they do NOT need to be alive in the Warren Report (for a long time it was assumed you had to be on a Law run for CODA because of Vyce, happily this was disproven).
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