Some general question about skills

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User Info: SilverKnightZ

6 months ago#1
Hey there guys, I have a couple of questions to ask about skills and was wondering if i could get some clarity. I didn't post them at the QnA section because they're a bit broad so I hope you don't mind.

First of all, are Expand Mind and Channeling worth it? I can see some minute difference with Expand Mind but almost none with Channeling(at least the display anyway). Do they even work? Are they worth it? Or should I get Insight instead; but that skill seems pointless because you start with 0 MP anyway. Besides, all of them are trumped by Rank 1 meditate anyway since there are free equips that give Meditation ranks.

Do Truestrike/Trueflight and Dodge/Sidestep stay useful throughout the game? I ask because at the point I'm in, I'm not getting hit all that much and seem to hit almost 100% of the time. Spellstrike I can see staying useful since disabling magic have low accuracy and it works wonders on them.

Do Cudgels or Shields even have a use? Shields seem useless since it's extra weight for 'meh' defense; even if the knockback seems handy, there's only select times I really felt needing the push. Cudgels less so because I heard they have two great finishers or something and give free int and mind just by equipping.

And finally, stuff like Sanctuary *seem* useful but should I even bother?
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User Info: raics

6 months ago#2
Expand Mind and Channeling are worth using on casters that don't have access to meditate if you want to save up on consumables or you can't think of anything better to use your skill slots for. When you use channeling you still need to have the full amount needed to cast the spell, but it will reduce the amount of MP you actually spend.

Accuracy skills aren't really needed because the game breaks once you have a certain stat advantage over the enemy so your attacks and spells will always hit and enemy will tend to miss a lot, that's especially true for weapons because weapon skills boost your accuracy too. One thing that stays useful, though, is spell ward, unless you've really been working on your characters.

Cudgels have good bonuses and shields can boost your survivability a fair bit, however none of that is too important because, again, the game breaks way too easily.

There's a lot of situational stuff in the game that isn't really worth using outside of some specific battles, sanctuary is one of them but one that isn't too useful even when it makes sense to equip it.

User Info: SilverKnightZ

6 months ago#3
I checked and Expand Mind is definitely very useful. Even at rank II, the boost is very noticeable. But wow does Channeling kinda suck. Isn't the point of it to make sure you can cast spells more often?

I see. That sounds really fun lol. What's the threshold? I knew Spell Ward would be useful. Do i need to go all the way to rank IV though?

Cudgels sound fun, I should try that with Denam or something.

What are some skills I should focus on though?
The world may change, but our Relationships still stay the same. Forever.
Otabe Rintaro/Houin Kyouma Steins;Gate

User Info: raics

6 months ago#4
Sure, expand is better because you can cast sooner but channeling works too, especially when casting a lot of costly spells.

Depends, when you stop missing take accuracy skills off. For ward, level 3 or 2 if your class can't have more is usually fine.

Doesn't really matter what you focus on, if you aren't actively trying to break the game you'll have a better time if you don't optimize.

User Info: SilverKnightZ

6 months ago#5
I definitely like Expand more than Channeling tbh. But the bigger the MP the bigger the save eh?

Ward 2 seems good enough. maybe.

Ehhhh, I'd rather having something better tbh
The world may change, but our Relationships still stay the same. Forever.
Otabe Rintaro/Houin Kyouma Steins;Gate

User Info: Folles

6 months ago#6
About Channeling and Expand Mind they are useful all game long for a spellcaster even with Meditate, they always can squeeze extra casts without RT investment of a Meditate.

While accuracy skills, the offensives are very useful but their use is timed as you level up weapon skills (their level increase accuracy too), they get gradually worse to totally useless specially if you increase your base stats you will get 100% chance to hit no matter your weapon level and the same goes for Magic as your stat for magic accuracy also goes up (well every stat grow on TO as you level up classes).

They take priority to learn even over strengthen on the beggining after the second level your characters will have accuracy enough to not need to upgrade or use the skill slot for the skill.

The ones for dodging are useful for eternity.

Shield, may have a use for different reason, you can use the one with elemental augment boost comboed with chokers useful for Rune Fencers when using generics or for Ozma and Denam depending what your intent with them, and the knockback is more useful to setup a skill grind spot than pushing enemies down the abyss usually almost on every battle with pits the enemies come prepared with Steadfast or are flyers.

Sanctuary is garbage from start to finish.

Cludgel almost follows, the uses are few... You can use the elemental ones to do elemental grind manually with barricades and to increase a spellcaster power with a maxed cursed weapon.
I think now i'm fine.

User Info: PikminExpert

6 months ago#7
Worthwhile skills to have:

All: Augment [Element], Anatomy, Spell Ward, Swiftfoot
Melee: Weapon skill, Counterattack, Strengthen, Constitution
Ranged: Weapon skill, Strengthen, Jump, (Trajectory - not necessary if you abuse the chariot system)
Magic: [Element] Magic, Spellcraft, Constitution, Meditate, (Expand Mind, Channeling, Field Alchemy - if you have spare skill slots)

You can check out the Skill FAQ for more detailed builds.

User Info: SilverKnightZ

6 months ago#8
Thanks Pikmin! It's appreciated
The world may change, but our Relationships still stay the same. Forever.
Otabe Rintaro/Houin Kyouma Steins;Gate

User Info: kokushishin

5 months ago#9
Channeling doesn't take effect until you actually cast the spell.

Cudgels have very strong finishers. Your magic users are very likely going to want the passive boosts and itemcasts anyway.

Sanctuary is useful on certain battles, but generally is pretty poor to the more universal Rampart Aura.
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User Info: wtmo

5 months ago#10
Cudgel finishers are something that only comes up late in the game because the only classes that can use them early on are very lackluster, plus you have to spend a long time whacking each other.

Shamans and Deneb use their TP for Nature's Touch and Magic Time instead of Meditate and badly need Expand Mind/Channeling.

Clerics are utterly worthless lategame and Catiua should be a Princess.

Rune Fencer/Valkyrie uses Converse MP to throw out Summons and probably spend the rest of their time fighting with spears or casting cheap Instills, so Expand Mind/Channeling is of some, but dubious merit.

Every other caster class uses Meditate and a Wizard's Hat +1. Expand Mind/Channeling is again an extra option. It is best on Catiua and Warren because of Heavenly Judge.
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