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User Info: thiagofj

3 years ago#1
Official page for the hack: http://www.geocities.jp/kt_0t3wqu6irw/to/ (it can be downloaded via the v1.66 link, released in 2014)

Ideally this would go in the SNES forums, but this is the only active TO board, so whatever.

I've been recently playing this hack made by a japanese guy (currently on Chapter 4 Neutral route), and oh my, it's amazing. I'll give the short version first. (Do note that I consider the PSP remake an overall worse version of the original game)

TL, DR: Chronicles Valeria 2 (a hack for the SNES version) is the definitive edition of Tactics Ogre. It has pretty good balance, less grinding, lots of new classes, fixed combat mechanics, custom sprites, some ported content from the PSP version, new events, new items, new magic. It fixes a lot of wrong stuff that existed in the original and more. There's only one downside: it does not work with the English patch nor it supports the PSX version. You have to play it in Japanese.

Still with me? Ok, now for something long and more in depth. This hack changes a lot of stuff, and I will just cover some of the major stuff.


- All damage / hit rate formulas have been changed or tweaked. Notably, status effect magic uses MEN for accuracy, not DEX. So say bye bye to Hobyrim being the best Petrify user (which is still pretty good by the way). Also, hit rates remain consistent throughout the entire game. Even at endgame you will face low-medium hit rates if attacking from the front.

- The chance of counterattack depends on the facing of the defending unit (100% for front, 75% for side and 50% for back).

- The damage system has been reworked. Like in the PSP version, physical weapons have different types of damage (slashing, piercing, etc). Equipment provides different resistances to these damage types. Also, elemental weapons deal both physical and elemental damage, and the game correctly calculates damage using both types of resistances.

- A BRAVE / FAME system that acts somewhat like the TP system from the remake, but much more balanced and less prone to abuse.

- There's a night and day system during battle that affects the performance of units according to their alignment (just like in Ogre Battle).

- Experience gain was increased, resulting in less grinding.

- Enemies always match your level. The overall difficulty is slightly higher and some bosses are significantly stronger. Be afraid of the Dark Knights Loslorien.

- The AI has been slightly improved. Of note, enemy archers will fire outside of displayed range and units tend to be less suicidal. They can still be pretty dumb sometimes though.

- Bad weather reduces bow range and the hit rate decreases with shooting distance. Moreover, shields decrease bow and crossbow damage by 50% (yeah, seriously). Archers are balanced here, trust me.

- You can withdraw from random battles.

- Poison has been buffed and is now a real threat. The damage is based on the target's MAX HP. It adds up fast and it's pretty good against L-Size units.

- All items have been rebalanced and there's a lot of new ones, including a new class of melee weapon: thrusting swords. The same applies for spells.

- Some spells, like Resurrection, can only be used once per battle and automatically go back to your inventory.

- Tarot cards can be used for changing alignment and element of the character. They are automatically collected when the battle ends, just like bags of loot.

- The Snapdragon spell has been changed. For those that only played the remake, it works like the cursed weapons. Instead of sacrificing a character, you now craft a new item using an Orb + a base weapon or armor. I don't know the full list of craftable equipment, but I managed to craft both elemental weapons and armor.

(to continue)

User Info: thiagofj

3 years ago#2

- All classes have been rebalanced, with tweaked resistances and innate skills. From what I've played, the balance is pretty good. Each one has strengths and weaknesses and function as you would expect. All the advanced classes have custom skills, including one that makes equipment drop and another that pre-preemptively strikes the enemy and negates it's attack.

- Some classes have "charisma type" skills that automatically apply to all enemies or allies in a 3 or 2 tile radius. For example, Ozma automatically charms all males nearby her, and Chapter 4 Denam (after the sprite change) automatically grants "Quick" too all nearby allies (it's probably a bit broken).

- Lots of new classes added (with custom sprites), mostly based on Ogre Battle 64. There are Paladins, Fencers, Cataphracts (with 35% physical resist, yo), Holy Knights, Black Knights, Princess, Battle Queen, Raven and Vultan, etc. You can see the promotion tree here: http://imgur.com/a/Na8z4. I particularly like the Solidblade and Assassin sprites.

- On that same link there's another image showing custom portraits and sprites for unique characters. My favorite is Law path Vyce with the badass cape from the PSP art. Note that it's from an outdated version of the hack, some portraits have changed.

- L-Size units have been buffed. There are tier 3 Dragons now (one for each element). Sphinxes from OB 64 have been added. Tier 2 Golem and Giant have innate double attack. And more.

- You can bring more than 2 L-Size units in battle. The hack uses a points system for deployment. S-Size: 1 point. L-Size: 2 point. You can bring 12 points in total. So you can bring Denam + 5 L-Size units if you want.

- There's a Vampire (!) class, but I still haven't found it. Palace of the Dead maybe?

New Events: (the real good stuff)

The hacker actually programmed new events into the game. I've only played through the Neutral path. This is what I noticed:

- Ravness and Cressida are in the game. Ravness automatically joins in Chapter 1 on all routes, at the beginning. Cressida is still Chaos exclusive from what I've heard.

- If you go the neutral route, Arycelle's loyality is reduced by 30 instead of dropping to 0.

- Leonard survives Catiua's knife stab (by using an escape stone) and joins your team at the end of Chapter 3. Hell yeah. His class is "Superior Knight". He's basically a mix of a standard Knight and a White Knight.

- You can save zombie Gildas and turn him human again. Yeah, really. I was a bit mindf***ed when that happened. I'm not sure if there are any requirements, but I basically "killed" him with a holy spell. Instead of dying, the Light magic symbol appeared on top of him and he was teleported to heaven. After the map ended, he came back as a human (not zombie) and had a conversation with Denam, Canopus and Mirdym while hidden Nybbas observed. Oh, and his class permanently changes to "Death Knight". He loses access to magic, but becomes a powerhouse. He's probably the strongest unit on my current team.

- I didn't notice more events, but all stages have had their enemies and deployment changed, including random encounters.

But wait, there's more:

There's also a bunch of optional patches in the hack package. My favorite one implements a Zone of Control system for some classes (basically rampart aura from the remake, but better). You can also increased the roster size to 35, allow diagonal attacks with some weapons, take control of guests (this one didn't work for me), disable random encounters, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to share this for anyone who wants to replay the original. Feel free to ask anything about it.

User Info: AshtonRPG7

3 years ago#3
sounds fun

User Info: LordTacoshima

3 years ago#4
this sounds like it could be a great thing.

if only English..

User Info: thiagofj

3 years ago#5
I actually found out that you can recruit Vampires in a specific shop in Chapter 4. There's a spreadsheet provided with the hack that shows all the class info, including resistances and skills.

I'm currently playing through Hell's Gate, seems about the same so far. I've read somewhere else that the battle against Lans Tartaros has been made much more difficult. He has over 1000 HP and both Balxephon and Volaq join the battle.

User Info: Maximus40

3 years ago#6
Wow...that's pretty awesome. If only it were translated to understand the added dialogue and new class info.
You're born with nothing, better make it enough.

User Info: thiagofj

3 years ago#7
The author was actually working on translating it to English, but the project died.

That said, the additional dialog is minimal. But there is indeed a lot of new text regarding the items and new classes.

Someone was making a website in English with the hack data. Check these images if you want to see info about the advanced classes:



User Info: Maximus40

3 years ago#8
Thanks for sharing. I wonder if AGI still plays a huge part? The new classes (specifically male) seem to have terrible AGI growth.
You're born with nothing, better make it enough.

User Info: thiagofj

3 years ago#9
These are from and older version of the hack, but they are most likely still true:

hit rate
weapon attack : (DEX + AGI * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2
magic : (MEN + DEX * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2
special : (MEN + INT * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2
finishing blow : (DEX + AGI * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2

evasion rate
weapon attack : (AGI + DEX * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2
magic : (AGI + INT * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2
special : (AGI + MEN * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2
finishing blow : (AGI + DEX * 1/4 - Equipment weight) * 1/2

So yeah, AGI is basically used for dodging.

User Info: Maximus40

3 years ago#10
That's slightly disappointing. Looks like you still need to train most characters as a ninja for a good chunk of their levels so they don't become slow and useless.

Unless of course, agility cards were added, which I doubt.
You're born with nothing, better make it enough.
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