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User Info: Rainrir

6 years ago#101
The ABC thing is to denote which classes can use what specific equipment. Because even when some classes can use certain weapons/armor....not ALL of that weapon/armor type's weapons are usable to the class.

For example, many class that can use Hammers can only use the Iron Fan/Claudia. Many classes that can use Crossbows/Bows can only use the 1handed versions. Ninjas can equip shield, but the spefic types of shield they can equip is severely limited. Archers can wear leggings, but cannot wear "Baldr Leggings" etc.

User Info: CreekCo

6 years ago#102
Thanks for the response. Is there any way to figure which class or what exactly the A, B and C stand for (is there a list or anything in game)?
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User Info: atmasabr

6 years ago#103
Yay! This board has a sticky topic.

The alternate ending will occur if your Chaos Frame with those three is sufficiently high. In the original, an insane perfect 100 Chaos Frame across the board for the 3 major Nations was required, but now you only need a (relatively) trivial 30 to get the alternate ending.

Well yes but it's very difficult to grind Chaos Frame in this version.
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User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
6 years ago#104
Well yes but it's very difficult to grind Chaos Frame in this version.

Fortunately its pretty easy to get that ending without ever grinding Chaos Frame.
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User Info: Joonbug

6 years ago#105
With regarding to stats and attributes, how is health point gain determined? I know each unique character/generic class have a base hp stat, but what is the formula?

Also, if you gain two levels in one fight, do you receive the bonus stats for both levels, or is it counted as one?

User Info: Humble_Novice

6 years ago#106
For those who want to know everything about the shrine battles in Chapter 4, I have the answers right here. To unlock this particular quest, go to the Warren Report option and read about the news regarding the six fortresses of Valeria. It usually appears right after you liberate Barnicia Castle from the Dark Knights. Visit each fortress to trigger a battle against different enemy armies. The one in Lhazan is rather tricky. First, you need to defeat Reymos the Necromancer and head back to Brigantes and read about the news regarding the remnants of Galgastan. Head back to Lhazan and defeat the enemy leader guarding the fortress.

Once you’ve cleared all six fortresses, go to Coritanae where Denam will discuss about the apocrypha grimoires with Mreuva. When he asks if you’re mentally prepared to use it, say yes. At this point, you need to have Cerya, Sherri, Cistina, or Olivya in your party to unseal the temples hidden within each of the fortresses. As long as you have one of them around, then you don’t have to worry about not unlocking the quest itself. The temples contain six stages (plus one optional area) for you to complete. Once you make your way to the sanctum, you’ll be greeted by the temple guardian who’ll test your might in battle. Defeating each one will earn you one of the elemental apocryphas. However, keep in mind that some of the guardians themselves are no pushovers. Just focus your attacks on them to end the battle quickly.

If you’ve completed all of the temples during this quest, you’ll automatically receive an Oracle’s Mark which will enable some of your unique female characters to become Shamans. While this sub-event has no bearing to the story whatsoever, it does allow you to obtain some of the more rare goodies this game ahs to offer. Also, you’re free to revisit each of the temples anytime you want. The guardians will reappear in their sanctum every now and then. But now, you’re not required to beat them anymore since they’re fully classified as common enemy units. This means it’s safe for you to inflict them with all kinds of status ailments. I must warn you that all of them now have special attacks that can potentially wipe most of your troops out. The purpose of defeating these monsters once more is to obtain unique items that can’t be found anywhere else. Most of the guardians will forfeit one piece of equipment affiliated with them save for Ifrit who'll drop two instead. Trying to obtain these items can be rather difficult with so many enemies nearby. It’s better to clear them away before finishing off the guardian once more.
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User Info: dratsab

6 years ago#107
Let Us Swing Together.
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Greg "dratsab" Huffman

User Info: rzrmaster

6 years ago#108
and whats the lvl that the bosses begin to drop those unique items? 35?

User Info: Woofrikinhaw

6 years ago#109
I only skimmed the topic so forgive me if this is already posted, but I see SO many "What path am I on?!?!?!?!?!?!?!11?!?!one!??!eleven!?" topics that I want to gouge my eyes out sometimes. >.>

Anyway, to check which path you're on, simply look at your main character in the party menu. His alignment changes to match the path you're on -- if his alignment is Lawful, you are on the Lawful path. Same goes for Neutral/Chaos.
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User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
6 years ago#110
Indeed. However, keep in mind that this rule ceases to hold true once you begin using World, as your alignment will remain the same as whichever path you most recently took.
"Est Sularus oth Mithas...'My honor is my life.' You are your father all over again."
-Tanis Half-elven, Dragons of Summer Flame

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