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User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
8 years ago#1
Because there's far too many people coming in here every day asking the same questions over and over I decided to write up a little FAQ type thing to address these issues. Hopefully this should alleviate the number of identical threads that flood the board. A preliminary version for now, feel free to make additions or suggestions for the next version that hopefully will get stickied.

=Chaos Frame=
Chaos Frame is a (for most of the game) hidden parameter that is tracked separately for each nationality, those being Walister, Galgastan, Bakram, Xenobian, Lodis, Balboede, and Bolmocca. For the most part, this value has absolutely no meaning whatsoever and people freak out over it for completely inexplicable reasons. (Actually it usually means they have atrocious reading comprehension.)
However, there are 2 situations where Chaos Frame is important.

First, the special character Cressida requires a Chaos Frame value of 50 or higher in order to recruit. Note that Cressida is only recruitable in the Chaos route.

Second, Chaos Frame may affect the ending of the game.
To avoid extreme spoilers I will simply refer to a certain crucial storyline decision as the Lord route and the Princess route.
Chaos Frame has no influence if you take the Princess route.
However, if you took the Lord route then there are 2 possible results. The standard one happens if your Chaos Frame with the three major Nations of Walister, Galgastan, and Bakrum is too low. The alternate ending will occur if your Chaos Frame with those three is sufficiently high. In the original, an insane perfect 100 Chaos Frame across the board for the 3 major Nations was required, but now you only need a (relatively) trivial 30 to get the alternate ending.

So how the hell do you even influence Chaos Frame?
Your CF begins at 50 for all the nations, but will quickly change depending on how you answer certain questions.
Additionally, it is possible to alter it, albeit slowly, through battle.
-Whenever a unit you control is incapacitated, your Chaos Frame with that unit's nationality will increase slightly.
-Whenever a unit you control kills another unit that shares a nationality with them, your Chaos Frame with that unit's nationality will drop slightly.

Chaos Frame is, annoyingly, a hidden stat until you acquire the Crest of Fire item from the 100th floor of the Palace of the Dead, which is only possible on the 2nd and subsequent runs after getting the Four Wind God Weapons. However, it is possible to roughly determine whereabouts your Chaos Frame stands. New recruits will have a starting loyalty value based on your Chaos Frame with the recruit's nationality, but there is a certain random range that the value can land in. By recruiting a whole bunch of recruits and gauging their loyalty you can approximately guess what your Chaos Frame is, but naturally there is a considerable margin of error possible.
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User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
8 years ago#2
(Chaos Frame continued)

Lately, the preferred method for recruiting Cressida has been the 'Death March', a laborious task of hiring many Galgastani throwaways and sending them off to die repeatedly (or killing them yourself), steadily raising your Galgastan CF.
However, upon closer examination, it appears it is possible to avoid this whole tiresome shenanigan. By simply answering several of Cistina's questions in an 'unfavourable' way, you can avoid suffering Galgastan CF loss, and reach Chapter 4 with as high as 45 Chaos Frame with Galgastan. There's a number of decisions you can make in Chapter 4 that will boost your Galgastan CF above 50, allowing you to recruit Cressida without ever touching the dreaded Death March. For example, when Mreuva asks if you think you can handle the power of the apocryphas responsibly, answer "I begin to wonder..." and you will gain +10 CF to the major nations. This prevents you from doing the Forbidden magic sidequest, but that sort of thing is much more easily remedied with World.

(There's many other possibilities, some of which are spoilerific. I realize that last bit was horribly vague, but I can't yet confirm the precise questions and answers and such. I will clarify later on once I can.)

User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
8 years ago#3
Each of your units has a loyalty value that ranges from 1-100, and generally is not something you really need to worry about.
Loyalty can be increased the following ways:
-Gaining a rank in a skill gives a considerable 10 point boost.
-Picking up a Fool or Lovers tarot on the battlfield gives a random boost from 0-4 points.
-Finally, attacking a unit who's nationality with which you have an extremely low Chaos Frame with will grant a small boost.

Loyalty can decrease the following ways:
-Killing a unit that shares the same nationality. For example, a Walister unit killing a Walister unit.
-Being incapacitated. This means reaching 0 HP and dropping to the ground with the 3 turn counter showing above the unit.
-Finally, attacking a unit who's nationality with which you have an extremely high Chaos Frame.

In addition, certain choices you make throughout the game will affect your units' loyalty as well, based on their alignment.
Making a lawful decision will displease all your Chaotic aligned units, and vice versa. This is typically a 5 or 10 point adjustment, and nothing not easily recoverable from.

There are several special cases however...
Cistina, Folcurt, Bayin, and Arycelle suffer significant penalties if you choose to take the Neutral route at the end of Chapter 2 Chaos.
Cistina, Folcurt, and Bayin will lose 20 points, while Arycelle's loyalty will immediately drop to 10.
Arycelle's case is extremely severe, and will require careful monitoring to ensure she does not leave the roster for good.

User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
8 years ago#4
=Lord & Princess=
There are tremendous amounts of spoilers related to these two classes, so tread carefully.
Suffice to say, these two classes are mutually exclusive until you beat the game and return to choose the other with World.
Choosing the Lord automatically gives you the 'bad ending', although this is debatable.
The Lord is Denam's special class, capable of using all support skills, all magic, and a number of otherwise restricted action skills such as Mighty Impact, Tremendous Shot, Phalanx, and Drakonite Magic.
The Princess can actually choose between 3 different classes, the Princess, Priest, and Dark Priest.
Only the Princess classmarks are handed to you, the others will require some work to obtain, although Priest will actually be the default class.
The Princess is a mage-knight hybrid. She can use all the magic commands except Dark, but has no reason to use any element besides Divine. She can cast most Divine Magic, but cannot cast Spiritsurge, Wisplight, Exorcism, or Major Heal. In the other elements, she can only cast the targeted (aka non-projectile) attack spells plus Forbidden magic. She also has access to most Drakonite magic. It has weird, restricted equipment options, noticeably only able to use leather type armour, no robes allowed. However, it can use Meditate.
The Priest is a dedicated Divine caster, able to cast all Divine spells except Wisplight and the Forbidden Spells. It has standard caster equipment and abilities, but cannot use Meditate.
The Dark Priest gives up Divine Magic completely, gaining the ability to cast most attack and status spells from the other elements instead.

Picking up tarot cards on the field of battle that drop from the enemy will permanently raise one of that unit's stats by a small amount.
Because it only raises by a fractional amount, the increase may not be immediately noticeable.
Additionally, tarots may then be used as items in battle, usually granting buffs or debuffs. Most of these are nothing special, but the World tarot grants warping movement type for a time, and can be very useful.

Here is the list of tarots and the stats they boost

0. Fool : +Loyalty
I. Magician : +Int
II. High Priestess : +Mnd
III. Empress : +MP
IV. Emperor : +HP
V. Hierophant : +Mnd
VI. Lovers : +Loyalty
VII. Chariot : +Str
VIII. Justice : +Avd
IX. Hermit : +Int
X. Wheel of Fortune : +Avd
XI. Strength : +Str
XII. Hanged Man : +Vit
XIII. Death : +/-Luk
XIV. Temperance : +Res
XV. Devil : +/-Luk
XVI. Tower : +Vit
XVII. Star : +Dex
XVIII. Moon : +Agi
XIX. Sun : +Agi
XX. Judgement : +Dex
XXI. World : +Res
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User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
8 years ago#5
The ever powerful lich is the best generic magic-user you can get.
The latest incarnation is gotten a little differently from the original.
To transform a character into a lich, bring the character to the 41st floor of the Palace of the Dead and have them use the Ring of the Dead item.
The Ring of the Dead can be gotten from a number of places, but most easily being the 33rd floor of the Palace of the Dead, from the female Cenobite that starts at elevation 13. You can also acquire another from the male Death Eater starting at elevation 20, on the 53rd floor of the Palace of the Dead. The Ring of the Dead is UNIQUE, and finding another will result in the other being automatically sold.

Its worth noting that unique characters are now able to become this class without dying, and that you can freely change a lich back into any other human class, although becoming a lich again will require repeating the process in the Palace of the Dead.
However, rather inexplicably the 'semi-generic' characters such as Sara and Voltaire are ineligible to become liches (or other undead).

You can also recruit generic liches via persuasion, they can be encountered in the deeper floors of the Palace of the Dead as well as the Pirate Graveyard. They are classified as humans.

=Divine Knight=
AKA the Angel Knight, the Divine Knight is the other special class that requires some effort to obtain.
To transform a character into a Divine Knight, have a skeleton or ghost use the Ensanguined Rood item on the 3rd floor of the San Bronsa Ruins. The rood can be acquired from various battles within the ruins themselves, most easily the first, from the Lamia Witch.

If you want an existing human character to become a Divine Knight, you must first turn them into a skeleton or ghost, an annoying task itself. To do so you must first zombify the character with the Necromancy spell, which is buyable from the shops in the Palace of the Dead. (Remember, anyone can directly use the arcana to cast the spell without being a Necromancer) Next, acquire a Book of the Dead. The earliest you can get one is on the 37th floor of the Palace of the Dead, from the Gorgon who starts at elevation 17, although the book also drops elsewhere. Finally you must bring the zombie character to the 22nd floor of the Palace and have them use the book. Only after all this will your candidate be ready for rebirth into their glorious divine state.

Note that while Divine Knights are not humans (they're divines, obviously), they can also freely change into human classes, but as with the lich this is a one way process. Special characters and semi-generics cannot become undead, and so are incapable of becoming Divine Knights.

User Info: Were Tiger

Were Tiger
8 years ago#6
=Rare Classmarks=

This is a list of classmarks that are not easily acquirable. I have excluded buyable ones and ones that are given to you as a part of events, since those are easy to amass.

Magus Classmark (Warlock/Witch): Dropped by and stolen from Warlocks/Witches, very rarely. Several bosses, such as the Magus Gildora, have much higher chances of dropping it.

Necromancer Classmark: Dropped by the necromancer on the 18th floor of the Palace of the Dead, but only if you've recruited Cressida.

Vartan's Classmark: Dropped by multiple Hawkmen in Chapter 1.

Hagia Knight's Classmark (Knight Commander): Dropped by Oz and Ozma at level 32+. Ozma won't drop it in the lawful route however.
Also can be stolen from a zombie Templar Knight, encountered only when its raining at the Vanessan Highway. Ozma must be already recruited.

Abuna's Classmark (Priest): Stolen from clerics in Phorampa Wildwood.

Heretic's Classmark (Dark Priest): Dropped by the cleric on the 8th floor (Enraptured Dreams) in the Hanging Gardens, as well dropped by the cleric Templar Knight on the final floor.

Pirate's Classmark (Buccaneer): Dropped by the white skeleton encountered on the map 'On Holy Ground' within the Pirate's Graveyard.
Additionally you may get one by taking the pirate's treasure at the end of the Azelstan's sidequest.

=Rare Recipes=
....on second thought I'll leave this one alone. Maybe later. >_>

=Character Recruitment=
SIGH. I'll do this one later.

=World Tarot=
Upon clearing the game you will unlock the World Tarot system, an interesting new feature that allows you to go back to certain 'Anchor Points' spread throughout the game. This lets you to replay parts of the game at will, and more importantly make different decisions to play out the different routes of the game.
Nearly everything is kept while using World, including characters, levels, items, and money. The only things not kept are Chaos Frame and the Warren Report, which will remain consistent with that 'timeline'.
Special characters are kept, and will be forcibly deployed in story battles where they are present as guests.
It is possible for many special characters to face themselves in battle as well, with no repercussions. However, special characters may remain flagged as dead in other timelines (if that was their fate), so scenes will not inappropriately trigger if it would not 'normally' be possible within that route. The exception appears to be to start The Search for Warren, where apparently its possible to do it in the Neutral route even though a certain prerequisite character should be dead in that route. (Confirm?)

User Info: xCirvante

8 years ago#7
lawl. cool
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8 years ago#8
You can obtain Necromancer classmarks from any generic necromancer. It's just a rare-ish drop. Most of the time they will toss Necromancy reagents at you. Haven't had one drop a spell yet.
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User Info: AlmasNo1Fan

8 years ago#9
[ removed ]. I'll take the time in the next 2 days and write out all the information from the guide and post it in this thread for you ( the topics you said "do later" )

As well as generate the list of which special jobs can be shared amongst unique units, rare items, etc.

That way, you can make it fluid ( Remember to tell people not to post ) and then request a sticky.

I requested it but I'll cancel it till all is answered.
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User Info: xCirvante

8 years ago#10
Here's a list of all recipe books and where to obtain them.

Book of Short-Ranged Weapons I: can be bought from shops.
Book of Short-Ranged Weapons II: can be bought from shops.
Secret Book of Melee Weapons: dropped by the guardian of Hanella's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Melee Weapons: may be dropped by a Warrior in Phorampa Wildwood (Deep Section).
Secret Book of Swords: dropped by the guardian of Nessaro's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Short Swords: may be dropped by the Rogue in B3 of Bartha's Shrine.
Ancient Book of One-Handed Swords: may be dropped by the Knight in B4 of Hanella's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Two-Handed Swords: may be dropped by a Terror Knight in Phorampa Wildwood (Land of Beseeching).
Secret Book of Axes, Spears and Hammers: dropped by the guardian of Gurza's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Axes: may be dropped by a Beast Tamer in Phorampa Wildwood (Swaying Swamp).
Ancient Book of Spears: may be dropped by a Rune Fencer in Phorampa Wildwood (Danawa's Wetland).
Ancient Book of Hammers: may be dropped by a Knight in the Pirate Cemetery (The Abyss).
Secret Book of Katanas: dropped by the guardian of Gurza's Shrine.
Ancient Book of One-Handed Katanas: may be dropped by a Ninja in Phorampa Wildwood (Greenland of Grief).
Ancient Book of Two-Handed Katanas: may be dropped by a Sword Master in Phorampa Wildwood (Frozen Swamp).
Secret Book of Blunt Weapons and Whips: dropped by the guardian of Nessaro's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Blunt Weapons: may be dropped by a Gorgon in B4 of Ryuneram's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Whips: may be dropped by a Beast Tamer in Phorampa Wildwood (Windy Hill).
Hand-Copy of the Book of Magic: may be dropped by a Siren in B23 of Hell Gate.
Manual for Manufacturing Instruments I: may be dropped by a Familiar in San Bronsa (Rotating Tower 2F).
Manual for Manufacturing Instruments II: may be dropped by a Matriarch in San Bronsa (Floating Ruins 1F).
Book of Long-Ranged Weapons I: can be bought from shops.
Book of Long-Ranged Weapons II: can be bought from shops.
Teachings of Guergue: dropped by enemy leader in battle 7 of chapter 2 (any route).
Secret Book of Bows: dropped by the guardian of Bartha's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Bows: may be dropped by an Archer in Phorampa Wildwood (Great Unfathomable Lie).
Secret Book of Crossbows: dropped by the guardian of Hanella's Shrine.
Ancient Book of Crossbows: may be dropped by an Archer in B22 of Hell Gate.
Manual for Manufacturing Firearms: dropped by the Terror Knight in the battle to save Rendal (chapter 4 side quest).
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