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  3. The 3rd DLC contains.... !? (spoiler)

User Info: 709zzy

10 years ago#1
Just read somewhere that the 3rd DLC (which is included in the American version) contains a different good ending that was originally not in the game? Is that true?

I didn't read through all the pages in this board so I'm sorry if it is already discussed in a thread.

How can players access it? I heard it is an optional quest, so could someone describe how this added ending
is different?

Thank you for your time.

User Info: Valinne

10 years ago#2
Basing this ONLY on the one picture I've seen, I believe you have to have all the white knights, Vyce, and Catiua in your party, recruit Iuria, Warren, and then Lanselot, then do something unknown. Probably beat the game again.
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User Info: Basileus777

10 years ago#4
Yes, at the end of it, you get another ending. You don't have to "beat the game again", after the end of DLC #3, you see the new ending.

You have to have Vyse, Catiua, and all the Xenobians to do it.

So beat the game with Catiua, Vyse, and Gildas alive. Recruit Iuria, go back to Heigm, go through the Palace of the Dead to recruit Warren, go back to Heigm and play through the sequences to get Lans, read the warren report and go to Golyat and play through the final sequences.

User Info: Diedrupo

10 years ago#5
That makes me think there won't be any more DLC if there's a true ending.

Do Vyce and Gildas have to be alive in the story (law route) or can they just be in the party?

User Info: opfer_gv

10 years ago#6
1> Do have Warren and Lans in your party as well as all Xenobian members (don't forget the Deneb) + Vyce and Catiua is in your party, plus Alive in WR.
2> Read the WR "Ground Zero" (must be right after you did save Lans, if you jumped to other chapter, you need to save Lans again) then head to Golyat for battle.

note: If you want "Ambition" from Tartaros... then you better train Denam, Vyce and Catiua to max because you have to only use them in last battle to get that sword. It will be very hard fight because you have to face all the Loslorian Knight commandos with just 3 units. Make sure you save before kill Tartaros at last.
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  3. The 3rd DLC contains.... !? (spoiler)
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