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  3. this is just a waggle game

User Info: sleepy88123

10 years ago#1

you dont even need to swing the move its exactly like a wii game they didnt use the move technology at all. trying to get some quick cash with a trash game like this come on.

User Info: libatako

10 years ago#2
I think everybody knows this all ready....and for those that didnt, how sad
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User Info: Artego

10 years ago#3
And for those that dont care, how glad.

User Info: RemakeMe

10 years ago#4
a quick waggle game can benefit if you want to play a 4 player game without alot of body movement

Perhaps a decent budget game for 4 players. But i still am yet convince to buy it.

User Info: Hunter_mk

10 years ago#5
thank god there was a demo, at least sport champions surpass this trash :)
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User Info: mnemonic01

10 years ago#6
Totally agreed Night Walker434.. Especially table tennis is a joke compared to the one in Sports Champions..
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  3. this is just a waggle game
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