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User Info: glitchtastic

2 months ago#1
I've been grinding monoliths for hours now and it still has not let me capture one. I know it's all RNG but I swear this game is messing with me!

User Info: s_blackcat

2 months ago#2
Tell me about it. When I first unlocked capturing, I keep using the chick in battles with no luck. Switched back to Oliver and got a bonehead and green bunch in the next battle..

User Info: JGPJR79

2 months ago#3
I had a similar experience with the owl.
I killed over 80 of them...
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User Info: Alltra

2 months ago#4
I had that issue several times... many, many several times, during my play through.
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User Info: the_hunter_gta

1 month ago#5
Try to get the upper hand and attack the one you want to tame 1st. Still might not be tameable but I think it can help I think I've gotten more tamed by having the upper hand = (sneak attack from behind!)

So far I've tamed
Little Big Horn x2, Green Buncher, Bonehead, Rinosnore, Turbandit, Deep Fry, Sunshine, Boggly-Boo, Hullaballon, Lightshade>, Floret, Tu-Whit x2, Monolith, Crowhawk, Purrloiner, Hog-Goblin

And I'm just now working on getting the "letter of passage" with the play time of 19:40
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