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User Info: blood_and_bones

2 months ago#1
I kind of rage quit a few years ago and today I popped it back in just out of curiosity to see how far I had made it. Looks like I'm on story quest 034 king of the sky pirates, LV's 29-28-28, and I have the spells for ward, breach, travel etc.

I guess I may as well try to finish the game as it seems I had made it pretty far in. My biggest issue was just the combat in general. I would end up running out of magic early on and then just desperately hoping my characters would somehow outlast the enemy by sheer luck.

Are there any tricks to breaking this game wide open I need to be looking into ? You know like in xenoblade 2 you just get certain items to boost agility and aggro on 2 characters and you're pretty much done. Any thing crazy like that for ni no kuni ?

User Info: c_s_tadsen

2 months ago#2
It's more about finding the right familiars for each character, and then investing the time to max them out. Each character has a preference for certain types of familiar, and matching those up does make a difference. Strategically planning what you feed a familiar can make a big difference, too; their "favorite" food might turn out to not be what's best for the build you want.

It's been a while since I played, so my memory is a bit fuzzy on names, but I remember a couple of the better familiars. I'll try to give the base form names, but no guarantees; you might need to browse your wizard book a bit.

Oliver: Dinocerous, Little Bighorn
Swain: Monolith
Esther: Lumberwood, Drongo
Marcosin: ...?

Even if he's not the best fit in terms of familiar type, Toko is surprisingly useful on whatever character you use most, too, if you can catch one. They're just so stupidly fast on the battlefield, they can't be beat for snatching claims before your companions stupidly consume them. Also, they eventually learn a good skill called "Parp" that hits everything on the field, making it pretty handy.
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User Info: blood_and_bones

2 months ago#3
That's probably it. My familiars might be trash. Will need to look up how to find the better ones.

User Info: blood_and_bones

2 months ago#4
I got myself 2 dinos, wildwood, paleolith, puss in bouts, plus a couple other decent familiars. I think I can manage now.

User Info: Kiwirook

2 months ago#5
Gonna help out with a good team comp. for ya since early families turn into some of the best end game team members.

Oliver: Puss in Boats is great for attack, but if possible grind for a Naja in Ding Dong Well. More stable and both final evos are solid.

Tanking should be left to the Bighorn line, ending in the Batterhorn. It may not be the highest rated defence, but it's the best for Oliver's genus picks until post game.

Magic is a toss-up since many people just rely on Oliver for magic use. However the Greater Naiad gives stupid amounts of healing and support out of nowhere for very little effort.

Esther: Esther starts with her Drongo for magic use and can survive with it quite easily, however the Acee makes short work of everything just as easily. The Acee comes from the Sparkee line.

Tanking? Lumberwood -> Wildwood. Enough said

Her attacking familiar pick is the Hooray to the Grimray. It's balanced across the board, except for attack which is amazing.

Swaine: THROW THAT HURLY INTO THE SUN! It literally isn't even a genus he messes with. Replace it with a bonehead and morph it into a bone baron for its top 5 attack stat in the game.

Tanking goes to the Monolith for its resistances, defence and magic stat for possible clutch healing if you choose. Turn it into a Paleolith by the end.

Magic should be left to the Girlfiend line and while arguments still rage about which final evo to choose, the Granddamned gets a great ability and the Phantasma inches it out with a better spread in stats.

Hope this helps.
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