Weird stats showing at level up.

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User Info: rama_sama

7 months ago#1
Hey, I caught 2 little Bighorns who happened to have the same stats at level 1.
I was intersted to see how the stats evolver for the first few levels as I raised them at the same time. But when I level them from lvl 1 to 3 I saw something weird with the stats showing, at the level up screen, they weren't the same as the ones before the fight. Same thing happened from lvl 3 to 4. I took a picture before and after I leveld them up from 4 to 5. Here they are:

This is one of them:

This is the other:

In the first one, the stats are the ones that it has at level 5 and the arrows shows how much each stat went up. No problem with that.

In the second, some weird things happen. Some of the stats are from level 4 (atk and mag atk) and the others are those at level 4 plus 1 point. What's more, the math is not consistent.
Check accuracy: before the fight is 30, +3 points at level up it should be 33, but at level 5 is 34. The level up screen should have shown Accuracy 34 (+4) to match with the first example, but it shows Accuracy 31 (+3)... And the other stats don't show the same behaviour as accuracy or even as the first example. Is this a known... thing? Am I missing something? I have nothing equiped in those familiars.

PS EDIT: I didn't know I was going to do this so I stupidly named them both Biggs.
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  3. Weird stats showing at level up.

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