Ni no Kuni 2

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User Info: pablow65

7 months ago#1 have you guys seen the new trailer of the new Ni no Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom Story Trailer?

User Info: Alltra

7 months ago#2
See, my issue with NNK 2, is that it doesn't appear to have or do things that NNK had or did. The stuff that I found most enjoyable about the first are absent for the most part.
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User Info: funyarinpa999

6 months ago#3
Considering the original and remake of the original had a multiverse as a minor plot point (it's where most bonus bosses came from) I'd like to assume the new game is part of the same multiverse, but in a different world. My guess is it will include a minor detail, like a bonus boss or side quest, based on Wrath of the White Witch.

User Info: WizardofHoth

6 months ago#4
I still like Ni No Kuni but I don't like to stat raise my familiar.

If I want to do that, I'd go play a Pokemon game

User Info: pablow65

6 months ago#5
i like pokemon but i dont mind playing ni no kuni

User Info: Silvermoment42

6 months ago#6
Did they get rid of familiars? Aw, this game was like Pokemon with a decent storyline!

User Info: pablow65

6 months ago#7
yes it was like pokemon and i liked the story

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