Golden tin-man questions and few random questions?(spoilers)

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  3. Golden tin-man questions and few random questions?(spoilers)

User Info: rikku5566

1 year ago#1
I was wondering os his final form level cap 99? Or is it the same as normal tin-man? I read somewhere non dlc golden fimilar(ones from pre order etc) cap is 99.. Nex question is is the Griffin fimilar a pre order only? Or is he in game? If so where? Also does he count for having all fimilar achievement?fLast question is about food... Does the stat gain from It added to the fimilar over all stats or is it per level up it effects? Ty in advance!

User Info: TeslaCoi1

11 months ago#2
I believe the golden familiars always being able to go up to level 99 for every metamorphosis level was something that was only in the Japanese verion of the game, and later it was patched out, so now it's no longer the case in ANY version of the game. I haven't bothered to test this myself though, so I can't give you a 100% assurance, but that's what I heard/the way I understood it.

Griffin is indeed preorder dlc only. He's nowhere to be found in the game. However, you can easily use Bruteforce Save Data and the Ni no Kuni Inventory Editor to get a ticket (or two. Or as many as you want) for him. That's what I did on my second, and on my current third run through the game.

There is no such thing as an achievement for having EVERY familiar in the game, if you're thinking of Familiarologist, that throphy is for taming 250 different species of familiars, but there are more than 250 in the game, so while you have to tame an awful lot if you want it, you don't have to tame absolutely all of them. As for whether or not the dlc-only familiars Griffy and Flutterby, and their evolved versions, count towards that throphy, I would assume so, since they show up in the Telling Stone's list of tamed familiars once you get them, but I don't know for sure.

For the stat gain from treats (food), it adds to the familiar's total stats, not per level. I.e, if you gradually boost your familiar's attack by 30 points with chocolates over the course of the game, it won't get 30 new points every time you level it up or metamorphose it to a new form (that would be EXTREMELY broken anyway), it will get 30 points added to its overall stats, which will stay with it from that point onward, all the way up to its max level on its third form.
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  3. Golden tin-man questions and few random questions?(spoilers)

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