PSNow has all DLC?!

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User Info: foreveranxman

7 months ago#1
So I did the psnow free trial last week when I was going on vacation so I wouldn't have to bring my PS3, since I've recently started this game again. I only ever had the Draggle and Golden Hurly (from the guide) DLC before. After I got to Solomon, I had a bunch of familiar tickets. I looked it up, and I had one for every preorder that never actually completed. I've traded my save data back and forth between my PS3 and PS4/Now, and suddenly I can access all DLC?? Was this mentioned anywhere? I consigned myself long ago to missing out and having an incomplete game regarding familiars/DLC, but now I have it all! Would have tried this much sooner if I had known.

User Info: TeslaCoi1

7 months ago#2
What you should have tried instead was to just use bruteforce savedata and the Ni no Kuni trainer, and give yourself all the tickets you wanted, as well as any items you wanted, including 99 of every material (no unnecessary time spent farming). Easy and pain free.

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