How to get Medal of Impunity

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User Info: SailorVenus92

1 year ago#1
The IGN walkthrough said you needed it before fighting Aapep. But I can't find the requirements for it anyway. I saw on an alchemy page that it seemed to require drops from later story phases.

Can anyone clear things up?

User Info: flanqer

1 year ago#2
The IGN walkthrough doesn't say you NEED it, it just implies that it'll make the battle a lot easier. The medal grants immunity from all ailments except unconsciousness. You can use other items to protect from or recover from specific ailments.

Many locations can be visited long before the story tells you to go there. Some might be dangerous due to tougher beasties, but don't forget that Swaine can steal items from enemies, and you can flee a battle before you're killed. Even if you're killed, I think paying the 10% fee to continue will let you keep anything you stole during the battle.

User Info: flanqer

1 year ago#3
Oops, ignore the second part. Looks like you can't land on that island because of fog until the story sends you there.

User Info: Alltra

1 year ago#4
Alright, so...

Medal of Impunity
-3 Glowcap
-3 All-Be-Gone

I assume you have the Dragon.

All-Be-Gone can be stolen from Prohawks in the valley near Perdida, which is west of Tombstone Trail. It's a rare steal.

Glowcaps are easiest obtained as a rare steal from Rhinosnore around Castaway Cove.

And unfortunately, Star Pearls aren't really accessible to you till later.
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  3. How to get Medal of Impunity

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