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User Info: defunct32

1 year ago#1
Just got to playing this game as I'm a late PS3 owner. Enjoying NNK so far but I need to know a few more things about managing familiars.

1. Will the Familiar System be overwhelming? I took it this is similar to Pokémon? When I said overhelming what I meant is that I do not like to have so many "people" in my team. Will I be able to go through the game just fine leveling up, keeping, and using the same 3 familiars or a couple of them?

2. How often should we feed them? After 2-3 battles as the game suggested?

3. Why does certain familiars have a blue colorer damage number when they attack the enemy? Is this related to Signs? (The rock-scissor-paper system?)

I guess that's about it, much thanks for any insight!
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User Info: Alltra

1 year ago#2
You may not realize it, but your seemingly simple questions are rather complex to explain.

3) The color of the damage number indicates various things:

-White: Normal damage inflicted by an enemy to you.
-Orange: Normal damage inflicted to an enemy by you.
-Blue: Resisted Damage due to some resistance.
-Red: Damage that is hitting a weakness.

2) The feeding system is essentially an item based experience system, only the experience awarded and required to level up are hidden.

Treats give Stat Experience and Familiarity points to the Familiar when eaten. They also add Fullness.

Each stat has its own exp table. You know how when you level up normally, it takes X amount to go from level 1-2. Then from 2-3 it takes a higher amount. That's what I mean. So leveling Defense 3 levels has no effect on the required exp for Attack.

With that said, the more you increase a stat, the more exp it needs to increase a level. It gets to a point where you'll need large amounts of treats in order to increase it.

There's a system in place called "Fullness". It's a value that ranges from 0-10. Each treat adds points to this value when eaten. Every battle you fight decreases the value by 1. You can only eat a treat if you have enough space in your Fullness Meter. So if a treat has a fullness value of 3, but your Fullness Gauge is at 8, you'll need to fight a battle before you can eat it.

There's also a Familiarity system in place. It's represented by a value from 10-50. It basically determines the maximum number of times you can increase your stats through treats. This isn't individual like the exp system, every stat increase through treats raises this value by 1. When you reach the "cap" you can't increase your stats anymore until you raise your Familiarity. You can continue feeding treats to the Familiar, but they'll no longer earn stat exp. They will keep earning Familiarity Points though.
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User Info: defunct32

1 year ago#3
Thank you! That was insightful!
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