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User Info: Catsrawesome

3 years ago#101
This is so much easier than the other tactic I found online! Thank you so much!
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User Info: badcatsclaws

2 years ago#102
I signed up this site just to write this comment.

Thank you TC, I've wasted over an hour with this method and I feel pretty stupid.

With this method you get nice only you defend by yourself, other members does not defend at all when in all out defense. Plus, enemies rarely do their trick and most of time they attack other characters. So I basically get one nice in 3-4 minutes.

Instead of using this method, if I had just try mugshot I'm sure I would get one scroll in one hour!

As far as I know from my experience spells and tricks give much more orbs. So I will try other methods mentioned here, they make sense actually. Sounds better defending over an hour to wait one stupid orb. You can fight so many honkies and increase your chances. With this method you have %50 or less chance (in an hour) to have %100 steal chance. Meh.

User Info: badcatsclaws

2 years ago#103
Yep I was right. I got 5 of them apprx. in 2 hours. Steal rate is not that bad. The issue is spawn rate. Even tokos are not this rare!

Fight maybe 8 of them. Used supercharge move only twice, as Oliver always send familiar as soon as I swap to Swaine and familiar gets the orb. Guh! Had to drop off all the familiars!

User Info: EgHeadFool

2 years ago#104
I'm still baffled this topic was stickied. As I said ages ago, anyone who's tried for a while will find those results obvious.

User Info: Xenogearj

2 years ago#105
Like it was said before, TC prob got special treatment for sticky. Makes you wonder if the initial posters congratulating TC actually tried the method at all or all somehow had the same stroke of luck within their first attempts. Anyone who actually tried the method can guess the answer to that one with 100% certainty. My favorite example, though, is exquisitely displayed by fellow member PHATJER, and his response to another member's reply:

PHATJER: Well I'll be damned... with this trick I was able to get everything I needed. Thx a lot TC. This topic definitely needs to be stickied.

Heechul: Lol, he posted it less than ten minutes ago.

PHATJER: Well to tell you the truth, I already knew about it. Just wanted to say that i works. Though I didn't use any medals or items. But Swaine's miracle move is the sure way to go; drop rates are awful.


My personal experience was read initial post, try defend tactic, get eaten alive by mobs while defending like an idiot. This goes on for about 15 minutes until I say to myself 'watch the youtube vid'. So I do. The video shows TC defending, then cuts to a point where the gold glim appears... lol. I wonder how long the initial clip was?

Anywho, I'm glad I kept on reading to find other methods and I hope anyone who reads the topic does as well. If anything the thread should remain stickied so people can see better ways of farming rare items. To the TC's defense, his topic is accurate in that it is a viable 100% successful method, just that it takes a ridiculous amount of time to do.

Skip first two pages of thread for better item farming methods.
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User Info: gwwak

11 months ago#106
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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