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User Info: vash_xD

6 years ago#41
Kentoss posted...
I made this site so I could quickly translate those symbols you see throughout the game into English. Part of it involved making a new font for the symbols, so I've put everything I made up free for use by anyone. Simply type out the text you want to translate, and hit translate. If there are multiple possible translations, it will list them all. Enjoy!

If you find any problems logic or bug wise, please let me know and I'll fix them.

Awesome job thanx a lot

User Info: hikasho

6 years ago#42
Nice! +1

User Info: Kageblade23

6 years ago#43
BUMP! yeah boi lol

User Info: AnimeJet_V2

6 years ago#44
wanted to just let you know nazcaan to english doesn't work on ios (clicking the bar, nothing happens at all), and sometimes the thing just glitches out like if i try to press "language" it'll flash back to home then if i click the arrows to flip between nazcaan and english it'll go to language instead, and if i try to click home it'll keep going back to language
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User Info: bamf422

6 years ago#45
johnbleu posted...
Oh wow, that's amazing!

Currently playing Persona 4 Golden, Ni No Kuni

Were playing the same games. trying to get platinums for both, although after getting ni no kuni its hard to pull myself away to trophy farm P4. Both are great games tho.

Also great site^ wish i would have known about it sooner.

User Info: Kradyert

6 years ago#46
This is really cool, could read whats on the Old Stick "BRINGHOPE" so mesmerizing what a good JRPG can do with just a old stick
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User Info: Kentoss

6 years ago#47
Thanks for all the feedback. I'll make some changes as soon as I can.

On a related note, I'm starting a dedicated wiki for Ni No Kuni in the same vein as Bulbapedia. I've been collecting information into a database, but when it comes to familiars I'm going to need quite a bit of help. Is anyone interested in this idea and is willing to help plug in data? If so I'll write some tools that will let volunteers plug in data and we can get a collaborative effort going.

User Info: _The_Blode_

6 years ago#48
Personally, I wouldn't be up for such a thing, as I don't have the motivation, but I doubt you'll have much issue getting folks to help you with such an endeavor. Make a separate topic, keep it bumped, and we'll see who responds.
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User Info: Orson1984

6 years ago#49
Has any one deciphered whats on the coin the NA WE came with?
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  3. Nazcaan/English Translator - Easily decipher the symbols found in game.