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User Info: AtmaRagnarok9

8 years ago#1
It cannot have escaped most of us that finding publicly available, comprehensive information regarding familiar statistics is (at least for now) difficult to come by. As a first-order effort to ameliorate this problem, I have assembled familiar statistics for all third-level familiars. I have made this information available for download in an Excel spreadsheet at the following address:


The sheet also contains affinities/weaknesses, and the types of equipment each familiar may wear (although not the equipment data itself).

For those interested in managing the familiars they choose to train, here are the top ten familiars in various statistics:

1. Catastroceros 452
2. Demoliceros 431
3. Hurlabaloo 377
4. Bone Baron 366
5. Stressy Plessie 365
6. Hurlcules 357
7. Najapatra 350
8. Blessy Plessie 343
8. Mahanaja 343
10. Papa Sasquash 341

1. Umberwood 475
1. Wildwood 475
3. Scrapdragon 418
3. Napdragon 418
5. Neolith 402
5. Paleolith 402
7. Thundragorer 379
8. Snaptrap 369
9. Claptrap 361
10. Hierophant 352

Mag. Atk.
1. Honky-Tonker 422
2. Snipper 388
3. Lesser Spotted Naiad 387
4. Trumpy-Pumper 382
5. Greater Naiad 380
6. Acee 373
7. Turban Myth 372
7. Sweetpea Sprite 372
9. Turban Legend 365
10. Thundragorer 364

Mag. Def.
1. Tokotocold 433
2. Docotoko 420
3. Petramander 401
4. Water Balloonatic 399
5. Pyromander 392
6. Sweet Bream 363
7. Hot-Air Balloonatic 351
8. Lesser Spotted Naiad 345
9. Greater Naiad 335
10. Siestar Fish 333

1. Tokotocold 770
1. Docotoko 770
3. Nightcap 404
3. Madcap 404
5. Snowhawk 391
6. Aye-Aye Sir 382
7. Prohawk 379
8. Honky-Tonker 360
8. Aye-Aye Catcher 360
8. Jabberguppy 360

1. Sniper Spitoo 441
2. Wimpeafowl 433
3. Grumpeafowl 433
4. Lickety-Spitoo 426
5. Psych Tyke 406
6. Pike Tyke 393
7. Honky-Tonker 382
8. Duck-Billed Bopper 364
9. Trumpy-Pumper 362
10. Nightcap 348

Total Stats
1. Nightcap 1988
2. Madcap 1972
3. Honky-Tonker 1935
4. Pyromander 1877
5. Petramander 1869
6. Tokotocold 1868
7. Docotoko 1862
8. Scrapdragon 1792
9. Triumphant 1768
10. Hierophant 1767
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User Info: AtmaRagnarok9

8 years ago#2
Further Remarks and Comments
1. The above statistics do not account for a variety of other factors such as, but not limited to, equipment, morphing before max level, genus bonuses, abilities, affinities, attack speed, common astronomical sign, etc. A true mechanics guide would have to account for all of these considerations.

2. All things being equal, more familiars are weak to fire attacks than strong against them. All things being equal, more familiars are strong to dark attacks than weak against them (thank the Mortui for this phenomenon). All other elements are darn-near even (but all come out slightly in favor of resistance over weakness). But, of course, type differences are largely context-dependent.

3. Oliver's form familiar, Mitey, is actually one of the statistically weakest familiars in the entire game. Mitey's third forms (Mermite and Dynamite) rank 5th and 6th weakest in terms of total stats. Dynamite (the most physical of the two) ranks only 113rd in terms of attack power. Ouch.

4. Walls. Neolith/Paleolith make an excellent physical wall with ridiculous DEF (402) as well as 60% resistance to physical attacks. Things are a little more complicated on the magical side. The Tokos have the best M.DEF in the game (433, 420) and insane evasion (770), reducing their susceptibility to physical attacks. At the same time, that measly 126 DEF stat may dissuade some from using them for defensive purposes. Petramander has a high M.DEF (401) with three resistances (fire, water, storm), but a critical weakness to physical attacks (although it does run a respectable 319 DEF). Water Balloonatic boosts a 399 M.DEF, has no weaknesses, and resists water.

5. Please feel free to let me know if I have made an error in the spreadsheet. I'm sure there are several.
Power is not alluring to pure minds.

User Info: Element_Pearl

8 years ago#3
Nice guide.
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User Info: thundy84

8 years ago#4
Thanks for this! =)
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User Info: xdividebyzerox

8 years ago#5
Request sticky. This is very helpful.

User Info: Jaejoong

8 years ago#6
Downloaded, thanks bud.

User Info: Zio_Dyne

8 years ago#7
Nightcap has the highest overall stats o_o?......Neat, lol.

...Not that I'm making any demands or trying to be a greedy ungrateful bastard or anything(though I guess there's no way for it to not come across that way), but I'd be interested to see movement/attack speed rankings too. It'd be cool if there were any familiars that start off terribly slow, but end up with max stars in both.

User Info: thundy84

8 years ago#8
I realize this is different from what you want, but the attack and movement speed are on the spreadsheet as well.

I personally really really HATE slow movement familiars. 2-star is painful for me. I can't even fathom having a 1-star movement familiar (which is why I'm not maxing the hurly line...).
"Why are you wearing a tux?!" "It's after six, what am I, a farmer?"

User Info: SoopaSte123

8 years ago#9
Thank you, very helpful

User Info: zeldasho

8 years ago#10
Jeez, Mitey is THAT bad? I guess I'll be dropping it once it hits 3rd form.
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