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  3. To those who received the cancellation due to overselling email

User Info: RaisinBizzle

6 years ago#41
I haven't received an email, no payment has been taken, ups thing does nothing. I ordered on 9/3 though so I'm still pretty confident I'll get my copy.
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User Info: Garp_fist

6 years ago#42
From: rumbalumba | #038
^they're just Customer Service Reps. they're just telling you what they see on their systems. my orders still say "Order in Process" on the Namco website.

Yeah, i'm not getting my hopes high on this, but all I can do is wait.
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User Info: FAT____MAN

6 years ago#43
Shall we raise some hell gentleman? Spam Namcobandais website support emails and phone calls

, go to their facebook,

Tell your stories and DEMAND more copies be made to fill our orders, they're giving away copies on their damned facebook for god's sake!

This is bizarre and unfair treatment!

User Info: AnuroRay

6 years ago#44
ok so ya if you got an email your screwed just called them and despite them saying that my order was in pre shipping status it was in fact going to be cancelled.
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User Info: archizzy

6 years ago#45
Storm83 posted...
He had to of lied....

I just called, talked to the manager "ronnie" a female. She said sorry 100 times and said we get a $20 coupon in the email. I told her no. I dont want that. I want my order i placed at 12:58. She said sorry there is zero stock left, zero. I am so mad right now. Seriously how do we get this resolved? How do we raise it and escalate it? I am not going to stop now. Its the principle. I ordered at 12:58, i have the timestamp on my email. Im so heated right now...

I'm with you man. I'm annoyed as well. I'm hoping that enough gamers can complain in a responsible and civil way how frustrating this situation was and how poorly it was handled. Maybe Namco will learn to use regular big time retailers like GameStop/amazon in the future.

In the meantime I ordered from play Canada so I WILL get my hands on one (I think lol) but this was unacceptable.
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User Info: mhayes86

6 years ago#46
They've already charged my account, but I just got the cancellation email a little while ago. Since this mess is all over the place, I went ahead and pre-ordered from Amazon.de while they still have the WE in stock. I can deal with waiting a few more weeks to import it, but just in case Namco Bandai happens to ship it to me, I have enough time to cancel my Amazon order.

After this, I'm hoping there's never a reason for me to deal with their webstore again.

User Info: Storm83

6 years ago#47
Read my post people ) ;
That just happened.
There are people literally laughing in the background too. What kind of place is this? The manager Ronnie just said yes its true the email is not a mistake, theres a $20 off code in it. I told her i ordered at 12:58, she said sorry 100 times. I said with all due respect, your sorry does nothing for me. I have a TIMESTAMP FOR 12:58. She said yes there were people who preordered it months ago we did not have enough stock. REALLY!!!??? This was a second run for those that MISSED IT. I know you did not sell out in the FIRST MINUTE!!! She was like" oh sorry Mr so and so, im so sorry i understand" This was a MANAGER. I said let me talk to another manager, this is unprofessional of you. She told me to call back and if she picked up the phone to try again. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Guys we need to address this. You got reps telling people apparently to disregard the email? I got a manager named "Ronnie" right after I spoke to a rep named "Willard" both telling me that they cannot fulfill the order? The representative "Kyla" told me and another member here earlier tonight that we were all set....no problems....100% ok and that our item is ready for shipping. That it will only be a matter of time before we get a confirmation email. This is not right for MANY reasons. Feel free to paste my comment on their FB page, signed by me Storm83 of Gamefaqs. Feel free to start discussing how this is going to get resolved!

User Info: MelvinSmiley

6 years ago#48
I lit up the Facebook boards with my disgust at this treatment. People in jail have more information to go on than what Digital River supplied us.
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User Info: Spykr_Magio

6 years ago#49
Well got done with consumer service and yep my order was cancelled. I asked her that I wanted to verify if the email was a mistake by what some people said was here and was told so sorry there was an error regardless of me buying it at 9:58 which spot on and I will be refunded in 24 hours.

This is very disappointing as I cancelled my Ni no Kuni preorder at gamestop 2 days after I was able to place my order for WE at the Namco Store.

God damnit.

User Info: DangermanRogers

6 years ago#50
Great so I guess I'm not getting the game anytime soon. It may turn out to be one of the best games ever made, but I can't abide this. I won't be purchasing anything new from Namco or DR ever again.
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