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User Info: HDCase

8 years ago#1

No word yet on a US release.
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User Info: GreenMan1986

8 years ago#2
I'm looking forward to it. I enjoyed and still play last year's game. There are still people playing online.

I'll probably just order off eBay for the PS3 if it's EU only. For the new game I hope they improve the graphics(probably not likely considering the SBK series) and increase the controller vibration 10x. There is barely any vibration at all.

They did a pretty good job on the first game so I expect an even better version with more content :)

User Info: VirtuaRacing

8 years ago#3
Looking forward to it as well.

First game still rocks and the new handling updates just polished it off.

More cars yum. :)

Not the best looker in the world but it's plays great and offers hours of reply value. Roll on October!! :)
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