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User Info: monzmeg

9 years ago#1

....as I quite enjoyed the demo.....I can deal with the gfx and when car is setup right its fun......but I didn't.

Decided to wait for the bargain bin on this one.....instead I picked up Baja- Edge of Control.

Nothing inspired me to try this game previously but for £7.99 I decided to give it a go. Its pretty damn good...lots of options and several race styles plus free roam mode on approx 8 large environments with things to find etc. It also has 4 player splitscreen.

Full damage model, punctures, radiator issues, suspension problems.....surprisingly good physics model as well. The first set of races are hard cause the cars are really lightweight/underpowered so bounce about a bit but after that the game really opens up. Also has full Baja racing lasting from 1 to 4 hours with helicopter support for repairs etc. Also rallies, circuit racing etc.

I know its getting on a bit but if you haven't tried it and enjoy off road racing then I highly recomment this.

Will pick up WRC nearer xmas I think.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

9 years ago#2
Baja: Edge of Control was great. A couple of the achieve are a little buggy but keep at it and they should unlock. You want the best out of it turn the traction control off. The AI car provide a good challenge, but a couple of races they may come across as Rubber Band and thus upgrading your ride will make it harder as the AI upgrade as well.

Very good title, under rated for the same reason WRC is but having put a week into WRC then WRC is going to be a lot of fun once you get it.

If you play WRC on PRO, pace your self like don't restart every race because practice makes perfect then your get a lot out of it.
XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: monzmeg

9 years ago#3

yeah I'll take traction off when I'm a bit more comfortable with the game......really enjoying it actually.

I may pick up WRC sooner than xmas as I haved eeked every last scrap of enjoyment out of the demo.

User Info: captainvik

9 years ago#4
Baja EOC was and still is a great race title and was criticized unfairly for the wrong reasons.

WRC was and still is a stinker and Blackbean Milestone should never have been given the license to do a Rally game - way beyond their ability.

Baja EOC will still be around and worth playing even after Dirt 3.

User Info: monzmeg

9 years ago#5

Will you look at that VirtuaRacing and Captainvik actually agree on something....lol.

Yeah Baja has been great fun.....can't believe I was swayed by reviews on this when it first came out......oh well win some lose some.....great one for the collection.

Captainvik......I hated WRC when I first played it.....it just didn't feel right. However for some strange reason I perceveired with it, messed with settings etc and played both demo tracks quite a few times......it definately has potential and is a solid base from Blackbean to work on for the next version.

Lost my job a few months ago otherwise I probably would buy it......just more my cup of tea compared to the DIRT series.

User Info: captainvik

9 years ago#6
Yeah if you like it that's cool, me well I was severely disappointed and there just is nothing I like about it but I still play Baja EOC as it is challenging and still fun.

As for the next iteration of WRC by Blackbean/Milestone being any good ? Sorry but that dev is completely hopeless and the only decent race games they ever did were 2 wheelers... oh and perhaps Screamer , that was fun ( long time ago ).
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